This is the Master Listing of My Family History Data


This part of the Family History only gives the Birth, Death and Marriage details for each person.

I am working on adding the main details for each family as a Sub Site. This of course takes time to do, so if you find someone on this Main Listing please contact me for further details.

The Families are made up from not only my side of the family but also my husband's families. Due to the fact that on both sides there has been remarriages after a partner has died, I have also followed not just the biological lines but also the lines of the other partner as these people have played a big part in our family lives. This may help to explain the Corlett/ Cain line, as well as the Scott/ Simpson & Innes lines.


Family groups that will eventually be put up as sub sites are:

Rosson & Hill;    Kemp;   Jubber;   Fairholm, Scott, Pickard & Gibson;   Adam Scott;  Pauling & Gibson;   Elliot.

Family Names associated with my family: Clark; McGraw; Jubber; Kemp; Fairholm; Scott; Pickard; Gibson, Adam Scott; Elliot; Simpson; Laird; Gardner; Gerrard; Innes

Family Names associated with my husband's family: Corlett; Cain; Schiavi; Rosson; Hill; Pauling; Gibson; McDonald


On this particular part of the site, there are still groups of families which I have found later on to be unrelated. At this stage I have left these family groups, as they do contain information that may be useful to others with the correct links. I am working on how to make this more distinguishable on the site.

I would really like to encourage you to use the Search Form on this site as it will help to locate the person you are looking for. Then go to the sub site to get the full details.


I am a Family Historian and I do like to build a bigger picture of the person I am researching, therefore I have uncovered at times some information that may be sensitive to some.

If this does occur please contact me so that we can try and work out an approach to the situation.

I also do not pertain that all information on this site is 100% correct. I do try and verify as many of the facts as I possibly can, but that does not mean say I have always got it right.



On this listing there will be a number of errors, as some family data I have not edited for many years. This has also resulted from the use of a few Genealogical programs that I used before using TMG.

Also it is taking time to edit all the places, as I have discovered that over the years I have not been consistent in how they were recorded in the database. I am slowly fixing this area up.


My Genealogical Program that I use is The Master Genealogist and this site was compiled using the program Second Site which has been designed to use with TMG. These are programs that allow the user to record the information gathered in a way that they want it to be displayed.


 Please click on the Family Links below to access further information.

PLEASE NOTE: That information regarding persons that are still living are not listed as being part of the family of a deceased person.

This is for privacy reasons for the current members of the families.