John Whyte Innes

ID# 443, (25 Oct 1879 - 26 Oct 1943)

John Whyte Innes was born on 25 Oct 1879 at 105 High Street, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland ,

John Whyte INNES
at 3am
Parents: George Innes, Joiner (Journeyman) and Marjory Innes MS Whyte
Married 5th March 1879 Peterhead

George Innes, father was present at the birth.1,2

He was the son of George Innes and Marjory Whyte.

John appeared on the 1881 Scottish Census of 3 Apr 1881 in the household of George Innes at 61 Frithside Street, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, Scotland ;
INNES George, Head, M, 37, M, Joiner Journeyman, Inchkeith, Banff
INNES Marjory, Wife, M, 20, F, Aberdour, Aberdeen
INNES William, Son, 10, M, Scholar, Tarves, Aberdeen
INNES John W, Son, 1, M, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen
WHYTE Robert, Brother In Law, U, 15, m, Joiner Apprentice, Aberdour, Aberdeen.3

John appeared on the 1891 Scottish Census of 5 Apr 1891 in the household of Robert Paterson at 32 Thore Street, Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, Scotland ;
PATERSON, Robert, Head, Mar, 27, Farm Servant, employed, Banff, Banffshire, 2 rooms with windows
PATERSON, Marjory, Wife, Mar, 29, Aberdour, Aberdeenshire
INNES, John, Stepson, 11, Scholar, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire
INNES, Robt, Stepson, 9, Scholar, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire
INNES, George, Stepson, 6, Scholar, Franserburgh, Aberdeenshire
PATERSON, Jane, Dau, 1, Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire.4

John Whyte Innes married Margaret Ann Gerrard, daughter of George Gerrard and Maggie McKay, on 4 Feb 1899 at Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, Scotland ,

After Publication according to the forms of the Free Church of Scotland

John INNES, Farm Servant, Bachelor, aged 19, res 42 Back Street, Rosehearty
Parents: George Innes, House carpenter (journeyman) (dec) and Marjory Paterson, previously Innes MS Whyte
Margaret Ann Gerrard, Domestic Servant, Spinster aged 22, res 40 Back Street, Rosehearty
Parents: George Gerrard, Slater (master) and Maggie Gerrard MS McKay

Witnesses: Eliza Ann Tylter and William Gerrard.1,5

C 1900 John's occupation Police Constable.

John appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 at 252 South Wellington Street, Hutchesontown, Lanarkshire, Scotland , also listed in the household was Margaret, Christian and George ;
INNES, John W, Head, Mar, 21, Policeman, Worker, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, 2 rooms with windows
INNES, Margaret A, Wife, Mar, 24, Macduff, Banffshire
INNES, Christian T, Dau, 2, Rosehearty, Abderdeenshire
INNES, George G, Son, 7mths, Roseheartly, Abderdeenshire.6

John recorded the birth of Maggie Gerrard Innes on 30 Jul 1902 252 South Wellington Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

At 4.40pm
John W Innes her father was the informant.7,8

John recorded the birth of William McKay Innes on 26 Jan 1904 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Lanarkshire,

William McKay Innes, at 2am
John Innes, father was the Informant.1,9

John Whyte Innes immigrated on 28 Jul 1906 from Glasgow via "Pretorian" to Quebec Canada

Steerage Passengers from Glasgow to Quebec Canada
Sailed 28 July 1906 and arrived 6 Aug 1906
Innes John W, Constable, aged 26, single
Arrival: John Whyte Innes, 26, Married, Policeman, Scotland, Lanarkshire, to Toronoto.10

John Whyte Innes witnessed the birth of Violet Marjory Innes on 4 Mar 1907 Tower Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

Violet Marjory Innes
At 7am
Parents: John Innes, Tram Car Conductor & Margaret Ann Gerrard
Father John Innes was present at her birth.1,11

John appeared on the 1911 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1911 at 152 Park Street, Glasgow City, Lanarkshire, Scotland , also listed in the household was Margaret, George, William, John, Violet and Maggie ;
INNES John, Head, 31, Mar, Dock Labourer, Loading ships, Worker, Fraserburgh Aberdeen
INNES Maggie, Wife, 34, Mar, Married 11 yrs, 6 children, 5 living, Macduff Banff
INNES George, Son, 10, School, Rosehearty Aberdeen
INNES William, Son, 7, School, Glasgow Lanark
INNES John, Son, 5, School, Glasgow
INNES Violet, Dau, 4, Glasgow
GERRARD Maggie, Visitor, 50, Mar, married 30yrs, 7 children, 6 living, Macduff Banff

(Sister Jane Garrow also lived in Park Street, John was 152 and Jane was 159. William Garrow was also a Police Constable.)12

John Whyte Innes recorded Margaret Ann Innes's death on 6 Jul 1911 167 Renfrew Road - Southern General Hospital, Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,
Margaret Ann INNES
(Married to John Innes, Railway constable)
Died at 9.45am, 167 Renfrew Road, Govan parish, former residence 152 Park Street, Govan. Aged 35.
Parents: George Gerrard, Slater (Master),and Maggie Gerrard, MS McKay

Informant: John Innes, Widower, 152 Park Street, Govan.

Southern General Hospital Records
show that Margaret was admitted on the 30th June 1911, she was described as married, Presbyterian and aged 34 1/2 years old. Her body was given to "friends" for burial. There was no record of place of burial on the admission record and the case notes have been destroyed.

No death notice located in the Glasgow Herald.1,13,14

     Research Note: c 1912
Would have known Susannah Crawford from visits to his mothers place, as both lived in the same building of 201 Paisley Road. Both were Widows by 1911.
Susannah left Scotland to marry him in Canada in 1914.

John Whyte Innes immigrated on 4 Oct 1913 from Glasgow via the "Pretorian" to Canada

Best possible match for immigration into Canada.
"Pretorian" departed Glasgow Scotland for Quebe Montreal Canada, 4th October 1913.
Contract Ticket No: 03157, INNES John, Third Class, to land at Quebec, Rly Porter, aged 29, Scottish.15

John Whyte Innes married Susannah Young Gilchrist, daughter of Allan Gilchrist and Susannah Wemyss, on 5 Jun 1914 at Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

Innes - Gilchrist
the wedding took place last evening at Knox Church Manse by the Rev.J A Clark of Mrs Susanna Gilchrist, formerly of Glasgow, Scotland and Mr John White Innes of Ponoka.
The groomsman and matron of honor were Mr and Mrs Archibald Macdonald of this city. Mr and Mrs Innes left by the evening train for Ponoka, where they will reside.16

John began Military Service on 15 Mar 1916 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,

Attestation Paper:
Regimental Number: 904681
194th O'Seas Highland Bn
John Whyte Innes
Present addres: Hospital Ponoka, Alba
Born: Fraserburgh Aberdeen Scotland
Next of Kin: Susan Innes
Address: Ponoka, Alberta
DOB: Oct 25th 1886
Trade: Orderly
Married: yes
Belong to Active Milita: No
Every served in Military Forces: No ( Police Service)
Age: 35yrs
Height: 5ft 9 1/2 ins
Girth: 43 ins
Complexion: Mid
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Religion: Presbyterian

Sailed on the RMS Olympic Nov 14 1916 for England.
The Edmonton Highlanders, 194th Bn, almagamated with the 9th Reserve Battalion.

His Brother-In-Law William George Gerrard also enlisted with him at the same time and in the same Battalion.17

John ended Military Service on 29 Jul 1919 Halifax, Alberta, Canada,

More Soliders are Returning
Large Party of Alberta Men are Due in Calgary about July 29

The following men arrived at Halifax ex - Regina July 25 and are expected in Calgary on or about July 29.

Corp. J W Innes, Ponoka, Alba.18

John Whyte Innes was on the 1925 Electoral Roll Calgary, Alberta, also listed in the household was Susannah

Innes John 1027 10th Ave W
Innes Mrs Susan 1027 10th Ave W.19

John Whyte Innes was on the 1925 Directory.

Innes John police City h 1027 10th Ave W
? Innes I, baker Shelly's Bakery, r 1027 10th Ave W ( could this be J for John, the son.)20

John Whyte Innes was on the 1927 Directory.

Innes John W constable City h 1315 14th Ave W.21

John Whyte Innes was on the 1932 Directory.

Innes John W police City h 1315 14th Ave W.22

John Whyte Innes was on the 1939 Electoral Roll Calgary, Alberta, also listed in the household was Susannah

Innes John W 1315 14th Ave W
Innes Mrs Susan 1315 14th Ave W.23

John Whyte Innes was on the 1939 Directory.

Innes John W, const City h 1315 14th Ave W.24

John Whyte Innes was on the 1940 Electoral Roll Calgary, Alberta, also listed in the household was Susannah

Innes John W, 1315 14th Ave W
Innes Mrs Susan, 1315 14th Ave W.25

John Whyte Innes was on the 1940 Directory.

Innes John W, const City, h 1315 14th Ave W.26

John Whyte Innes was on the 1941 Directory.

Innes John W patrolmn British American Oil, h 1315 14th Ave W.27

John Whyte Innes was on the 1941 Electoral Roll Calgary, Alberta, also listed in the household was Susannah

Innes John W, 1315 14th Ave W
Innes Mrs Susan, 1315 14th Ave W.28

John Whyte Innes was on the 1942 Electoral Roll Calgary, Alberta, also listed in the household was Susannah

Innes John W, 1315 14th Ave W
Innes Mrs S, 1315 14th Ave W.29

John Whyte Innes was on the 1942 Directory.

Innes John W, patrolmn Brit Amer Oil Refinery, h 1315 14th Ave W.30

John Whyte Innes was on the 1943 Electoral Roll Calgary, Alberta, also listed in the household was Susannah

Innes John W, 1315 14th Ave W
Innes Mrs S, 1315 14th Ave W.31

John Whyte Innes was on the 1943 Directory.

Innes John W,wtchmn, B A Oil Refinery h 1315 14th Ave W.32

John died on 26 Oct 1943 at Calgary, Alberta, at age 64 years and 1 day

J W (Jock) INNES
Funeral services for J W (Jock) Innes who died Tuesday, will be held at Jacques chapel at 2pm, Friday Oct 29. Rev Alfred Bright will officate and burial will be in Burnsland cemetery.

John Whyte (Joc)
age 64yrs beloved husband of Mrs Susan Innes, 5315 14th Ave W. services at "The little Chapel on the corner" today at 2.
Rev Alfred Bright officiating
Jacques Funeral Home.33

John's death notice appeared on 26 Oct 1943 in the Calgary, Alberta,

Photo of J W "Jock" INNES ... when he directed traffic

Ex-Constable "Jock" Innes Dies

A familiar and friendly figure on "point duty" at the city's busiest corner for many years, former Police constable John Whyte (Jock) Innes, 64, of 1315 14th Ave W, died in a local hospital this morning after a brief illness.

When the manual traffic signal at the intersection of 8th Ave, and 1st St W was in use, "Jock" Innes operated it.
Born in Fraserburgh, Aberdeen, Scotland, he started his police force service in the Glasgow police in 1899. In 1906 he came to Canada, and after living in Toronto for six years returned to Scotland. Returning to Canada shortly before the first Great War, he was an attendant on the staff of the Ponoka mental hospital until he enlisted in 1916 with the 194th Battalion and he served overseas until 1919.

In June 1921, he joined the city police forece as constable and served until his retirement in April 1940. While with the force Jock Innes was a noted strong man on many police tug-o-war teams and at the time of his retirement three years ago he was instructor of the police ju-jitsu class.
While serving with the city police Mr Innes had many exciting adventures. In 1928 he and three other constables held a raging Stampede mob at bay after the crowd attempted to rescue a man they had arrested.
Eight years ago he was severely beaten when he attempted to deal with a housebreaker. Although he received two black eyes and many bruises, the constable brought his man into the station.
For the past three years, he was a guard at the British American oil refinery. He was a member of the Canadian Legion.
Surviving are his wife, Susan, and a daughter, Mrs Bert Keeler of Calgary; three sons, George, Perth, Scotland; William and Jack of Vancouver; two brothers, Robert and George, Glasgow; five grandchildren.
Funeral arrangements, in charge of Jacques, will be announced later.34

John was buried on 29 Oct 1943 at Burnsland Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

In Loving memory of
John Whyte
1879 - 1943;
1877 - 1962
"Peace, Perfect Peace."35

John Whyte Innes's estate was probated on 22 Oct 1945 at Edmonton, Alberta.36

John and Margaret had 6 children.

Children of John Whyte Innes and Margaret Ann Gerrard

Family: John Whyte Innes and Susannah Young Gilchrist

FatherGeorge Innes (6 Oct 1842 - 22 Jun 1886)
MotherMarjory Whyte (13 Apr 1860 - 10 Mar 1916)


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