Isabella McKenzie

ID# 4410, (c 1816 - 30 Sep 1897)

Isabella McKenzie was born c 1816 at Fort Augustus, Invernesshire, Scotland ,

Parents: Alexander McKenzie & Helen Weir on death certificate.
No details of parents locate at this stage of July 2017.

Isabella McKenzie married George MacKay c 1837 at Eddrachillis, Sutherland, Scotland ,

No marriage has been located as of July 2017. I suspect that as we also cannot locate the births/ baptisms of the children, that this may have been a marriage outside of the Church of Scotland along with the births. May even have been a case of "Hand Clasping."

As of c 1837,her married name was McKay.

Isabella appeared on the 1841 Scottish Census of 6 Jun 1841 in the household of George MacKay at Rhivichie, Eddrachillis, Sutherland, Scotland ;
McKAY George, 30, Coter, Sutherland Yes
McKAY Isabella, 25, Sutherland Yes
McKAY John, 3, Sutherland Yes
McKAY Alexrina, 1, Sutherland Yes.1

Isabella appeared on the 1851 Scottish Census of 30 Mar 1851 at Eddrachillis, Sutherland, Sutherland, also listed in the household was Alexrina, William and Angus ;
MacKAY Isabella, Head,Mar, age NK, Pauper, born Dalmore Invernesshire
MacKAY Alexrina, Dau, 12, Pauper, Keanloch Sutherland
MacKAY William, Son,9, Pauper, Keanloch Sutherland
MacKAY Angus, Son,6, Pauper, Keanloch Sutherland.2

Isabella appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of George MacKay at 94 Gelymill Street, MacDuff, Banffshire, Scotland ;
McKAY George, 51, Head, Railway Labourer, Durness Sutherland
McKAY Isabella, 48, Wife, Labourer's wife, Inverness Inverness
McKAY Angus, 15, Son, Rope Maker, Adrahiles Sutherland
McKAY Margaret, 8, Dau, Scholar, MacDuff Banff
McKAY George, 3, Son, MacDuff Banff.3

Isabella appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of George MacKay at 9 Dockiewell Street, MacDuff, Banffshire, Scotland ;
McKAY George, 60, Head, Mason's Labourer, born Sutherlandshire
McKAY Isabella, 56, Wife, born Inverness
McKAY Margaret, 18, Dau, Domestic Servant, Macduff Banff
McKAY John, 33, Son, Ag Labourer, Sutherland
McKAY George, 14, Son, Apprentice Sail Maker, Macduff Banff.4

Isabella appeared on the 1881 Scottish Census of 3 Apr 1881 in the household of George MacKay at 2 James Street, Gamrie, Banffshire, Scotland ;
MACKAY George, Head, M, 71, M, Gen Labourer, Durness, Sunderland
MACKAY Isabella, Wife, M, 65, F, Fort Augustus, Invernessshire
MACKAY George, Son, U, 22, M, Rope & Sailmaker, McDuff, Banffshire.5

Isabella appeared on the 1891 Scottish Census of 5 Apr 1891 in the household of John McKay at James Street, MacDuff, Banffshire, Scotland ;
McKAY John, Head, 45 (sic), Unm, General Labourer, Apiebave (sic) Sutherland
McKAY Isabella, Mother, 74, Widow, Fort Augustus, Inverness
GUNN Christina, 14, Niece, Scholar, Macduff Banff.6

Isabella died on 30 Sep 1897 at 7 James Street, MacDuff, Banffshire, Scotland ,

Isabella MacKay
At 5.45 AM aged 82 years.
Widow of George MacKay, General Labourer
Parents: Alexander McKenzie, Flesher (Master) (dec) & Helen Weir (dec)

John MacKay, Son was present when she passed away.7,8

Isabella's cause of death on 30 Sep 1897 was from Cancer - 2 years.

Isabella and George had 6 known children.

Children of Isabella McKenzie and George MacKay


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