Isobel Reid

ID# 4398, (1794 - 11 May 1863)

Isobel Reid was born in 1794 at Mortlach, Banffshire, Scotland .
She was the daughter of James Reid and Janet Roy.

Isobel Reid was baptised on 6 May 1794 in Mortlach, Banffshire, Banffshire,

lawful daughter of James Reid and Janet Roy in Moss side of Balviny.
James Thomson Senr in Mains of Balviny and Robert MacKie in Moss side were witnesses.1,2,3

Isobel Reid married Alexander Innes, son of Alexander Innes and Helen Anderson, in Jun 1816 at Montlach, Banffshire, Scotland ,

Alexander Innes and Isobel Reid both parishioners having been contracted and proclaimed were this day married.1,4

As of Jun 1816,her married name was Innes.

Isobel appeared on the 1841 Scottish Census of 6 Jun 1841 in the household of Alexander Innes at Auchinachie Toll Barr, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland ;
INNES Alexander, F, 50, M, Lime Stone, Banff
REID Isobel, F, 45, Banff
INNES Alexander M, 20, M, Lime Stone, Banff
INNES Jane, F, 15, Banff
INNES James, M, 8, Banff
INNES Alexander, M, 2, Banff.5

Isobel appeared on the 1851 Scottish Census of 30 Mar 1851 in the household of Alexander Innes at Hillside, Auchinachie, Banffshire, Scotland ;
INNES Alexander, Head, M, 60, Crofter & Ag Lab, Mortlach, Banff
INNES Isabella, Wife,M, 56, Mortach, Banff
INNES Jane, Dau, U, 27, Gen Servant, Keith Banff
INNES George, Son, U, 25, Ag Lab, Keith Banff
INNES Alexander, Grandson/Son, 12, Keith Banff
INNES George, Grandson/Son, 8, Keith Banff.6

Isobel appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of Alexander Innes at Hillside, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland ;
INNES Alexander, Head, Mar, 70, unfit any occupation formerly Limework Lab, Mortlach Banffshire, no of rooms with windows 2
INNES Isabel, Wife, Mar, 66, labourers wife, Mortlach Banffshire
INNES James, Son, Mar, 28, Lime Quarrier, Keith Banffshire
INNES Isabel, Daur in law, Mar,31, Quarriers wife, Bolurum Elginshire
INNES Alexander, Grandson, 7, quarriers son, Bohram Elginshire
INNES William, Grandson, 5, quarriers son, Bohram Elginshire.7

Isobel died on 11 May 1863 at Wester Chalder, Keith, Banffshire, Scotland , at age 69 years

Isobel Innes
married to Alexander Innes, Crofter
At 4:00 AM aged 69 yrs
Parents: James Reid, Crofter (dec) & Janet Roy (dec)

George Innes, Grandson, ?Torhouse Botriphany was present at her death.1,8

Isobel's cause of death on 11 May 1863 was from Chronic Bronchitis.

Children of Isobel Reid and Alexander Innes

FatherJames Reid (c 1770 - )
MotherJanet Roy (c 1770 - )


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