Thomas Crawford

ID# 5341, (c 1864 - bt 1901 - 1911)

Thomas Crawford was born c 1864 at Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland .

Thomas appeared on the 1871 Census of 2 Apr 1871 at 31 Vermont Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
CRAWFORD Thomas, 48, Fire Tempere, Paisley Renfrew
CRAWFORD Jane, 47, Paisley/Renfrew
CRAWFORD Elizabeth, 24, Paisley
CRAWFORD Jane, 21, Glasgow
CRAWFORD William, 17, Pipe Cutter, Glasgow
CRAWFORD David, 12, Scholar, Glasgorw
CRAWFORD Janet, 10, Scholar, Glasgow
CRAWFORD Thomas, 7, Glasgow
CRAWFORD Agnes, 2, Govan.1

Thomas appeared on the 1881 Census of 3 Apr 1881 at 159 West Scotland St, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
CRAWFORD Thomas, 57, Head, File Smith, Paisley Renfewshire
CRAWFORD Jane, 56,
CRAWFORD Thomas, 18, Salesman (Tea Worch), Glasgow
CRAWFORD Janet, 20
CRAWFORD Agnes, 72
BROWNLIE Henry, 21
BROWNLIE Mary, 16.2

Thomas Crawford married Martha Sharp on 6 May 1889 at 193 Pollok Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

By Declaration in presence of Robert Boyd, Mercantile Clerk and Sarah Sharp Dressmaker

Thomas CRAWFORD, Engine fitter, journeyman, Bachelor, 25,
175 West Portland St, Kenning Park
Parents: Thomas Crawford, Blacksmith journeyman & Jane Finlay
Martha SHARP, Dressmaker, Spinster, 24
141 Cathcast St, Glasgow
Parents: John Sharpe, Tailor Journeyman (dec) & Janet McDonegale.3,4

Thomas Crawford witnessed the death of Martha Crawford on 29 Jul 1892 3 Brooklyn Place, Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,
Married to Thomas Crawford, Marine Engineer
At 2PM aged 27
Parents: John Sharp, Tailor (dec) & Janet McDougall

Thomas Crawford, Widower, was present when she died.3,5

Thomas Crawford married Susannah Young Gilchrist, daughter of Allan Gilchrist and Susannah Wemyss, on 7 Feb 1901 at 201 Paisley Road West, Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

After Banns, according to the Forms of the Church of Scotland

Thomas Crawford, Marine Engineer (Widower), aged 35
Res: 136 Lambhill Street, Govan
Parents: Thomas Crawford, Blacksmith (dec) & Jane Finlay (dec)

Susanna Y Gilchrist, Dressmaker (Spinster) aged 24
Res: 201 Paisley Road, West Govan
Parents: Allan Gilchrist, Sculptor (dec) & Susanna Wemyss (dec)

Witnesses: John Bennett & Jeanie Colinton.3,6

Thomas appeared on the 1901 Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of Susan Crawford at Govan, Lanarkshire, Lanarkshire;
WEMYSS John, Head, 66, Engineer- Fitter, Buckhave, Fifeshire
WEMYSS Chris, Wife, 59, Buckhave, Fifeshire
CRAWFORD Susan, Dau, 24, Glasgow
CRAWFORD Thomas, Son in Law, 35, Marine Engineer, Glasgow.7

Thomas died bt 1901 - 1911 at Scotland

At this stage have not located a death for Thomas. By 1911 Susan states herself as a widow on the Census.
May have died at sea.

Thomas and Martha had ? children. We know that Martha died regarding childbirth complications.
Children not located or researched at this stage.

Thomas and Susan had ? children. It appears that they may not have had children, as no children are mentioned regarding Susan in later life.

Family: Thomas Crawford and Martha Sharp

Family: Thomas Crawford and Susannah Young Gilchrist


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