John Whyte INNES  


 John was born in 1879. His father George Innes died while he was quite young and by the 1891 Census his mother had remarried and he had a new baby sister. They were living in Fraserburgh Aberdeen at that stage.

John married Margaret Gerrard in 1899, and his occupation was listed as a Farm Servant. But by 1900 John had joined the Police Force and the family moved to  Glasgow Lanark.

John and Margaret had 6 children before Margaret died in 1911. Family from both sides then assisted John in looking after the children. But they were split up, with George and Maggie going to the Gerrard relatives and the others looked after by the Innes family.

In 1913 John decided to immigrate to Canada. He later married Susannah Gilchrist or Crawford also from Glasgow in 1914, but they never had any children.

John was called up for military service and was away from home from 1916 - 1919.

When John returned home to Canada, he also arranged for his 3 youngest children to join him, and he also joined back with the Police Force. By this time John was living in Calgary, Alberta.

He remained in the Police Force until just before his death in 1943.

There was a large obituary written about John or "Jock" as he was known in the local newspaper.


The Innes line has been a very interesting one to research.

At this stage I have not completed all the details or added photographs as yet.


John Whyte Innes with his children William, John and Violet