Elizabeth Grigor

#615, (26 Nov 1819 - 31 Dec 1893)
     Elizabeth Grigor was born on 26 Nov 1819 at Dallas, Moray, Scotland .1
She was the daughter of Alexander Grigor and Isobel Forbes.

Elizabeth Grigor was baptised on 2 Dec 1819 in Dallas, Moray, Scotland ,

Elizabeth Lawful Daughter of Alexander Grigor and Isabel Forbes in Village was born Nov 26 and baptized December 2nd
Tester: James Buie and James Allan.2,3

Elizabeth appeared on the 1841 Scottish Census of 6 Jun 1841 in the household of John McDonald at Allawick, Aberlour, Banffshire, Scotland ;
McDONALD John, 50, Farmer, Yes
McDONALD Alexander, 45, Yes
McDONALD Robert, 40, Yes
McDONALD Helen, 70, Yes
McDONALD Helen, 17, yes
McDONALD Margaret, 11, Yes
McDONALD Isobel, 15, Yes
McDONALD Elizabeth, 10, Yes
GRAY Donald, 14, Ag Lab, Yes
WATSON John, 13, Ag Lab, No
GRIGOR Elizabeth, 20, Female Servant, No
ROBERTSON Isobel, 60, Yes.4

Elizabeth Grigor married Robert McDonald, son of Angus McDonald and Helen Thomson, in Aug 1850 at St Andrews-Lhanbryde, Moray, Scotland ,

McDonald & Grigor

Robert McDonald in Bogs of Linkwood in this Parish and Elizabeth Grigor in the Parish of Drainie had their Banns of Marriage duly proclaimed in the Parish Church here and were married Aug 1850.2,5,6

As of Aug 1850,her married name was McDonald.

Elizabeth Grigor was also known as Betsy McDonald.

Elizabeth appeared on the 1851 Scottish Census of 30 Mar 1851 in the household of Robert McDonald at Bogs of Linkwood, St Andrews-Lhanbryde, Moray, Scotland ;
McDONALD Robert, Head, M, 49, Farmer of 100 acres, employing 3 Lab, born Aberlour, Banff.
McDONALD Elizabeth, Wife, M, 29, Dallas, Moray
McDONALD Hellen, Daur, 4mths, St Andrews
MAWVER James, Stepson, 6, Boharm, Banff
FLEMMING William, Servant, U, 21, Farm Lab
INNES Alex, Ser, U, 14, Farm Lab
DAW John, Ser, U, 17, Farm Lab
DUNCAN Jessie, Ser, U, 20, House Servant
JAMES Jane Ser, U, 18, Out House Servant.7

Elizabeth appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of Robert McDonald at Bogs of Linkwood, St Andrews-Lhanbryde, Moray, Scotland ;
MacDONALD Robert, Head, Mar, 60, Farmer of 100 acres, employing 3 Men & 2 Boys, Aberlour Banff
MacDONALD Elizabeth, Wife, Mar, 41, Dallas Moray
GRIGOR William, Brother in Law, Unm, 29, Shepherd, Dallas Moray
SMITH Thomas Hitchins, Boarder, Unm, 23, Assistant Civil Engineer, England
ROSS William, Servant, Unm, 21, Ploughman, Urquhart Moray
MAVER James, Servant, Unm, 16, Ploughman, Boharm Banff
LAURENCE John, Servant, Unm, 14, Herd boy, Polliswood Moray
YOUNG John, Servant, Unm, 12, Herd boy, Montrose Forfar
GRANT Isabella, Servant, Unm, 23, Dairy maid, Aberlour Banff
McLEOD Christina, Servant, Unm, 28, Cook, Inverness Inverness
MacDONALD Ellen, Dau, Unm, 10, Scholar, St Andrews Lhanbryde Moray
MacDONALD Elizabeth, Dau, Unm, 6, Scholar, St Andrews Lhanbryde Moray
MacDONALD Margaret, Dau, 4, St Andrews Lhanbryde, Moray
MacDONALD Isabella, Dau, 4, St Andrews Lhanbryde Moray
MacDONALD Alexander, Son, 2, St Andrews Lhanbryde Moray.8

Betsy McDonald was the executor of Robert McDonald's estate on 16 May 1863 at Elgin Sheriff Court, Elgin, Elgin, Scotland ,

Inventory of the personal Estate situated in Scotland of Robert McDonald, Farmer at Bogs of Linkwood who died at Bogs of Linkwood aforesaid on or about the twentieth day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty three.

Total Values:
Household furniture and other effects £32 11s 6d
Farm Stocking and other effects £339 0s 6d
Balance due at Bank of Scotland £16 14s 0d
Book debts due £9 1s 0d
Total amount of Estate £397 7s 0d

Inventory prepared by Betsy Grigor or McDonald residing at Bogs of linkwood relict of the late Robert McDonald, Farmer at Bogs of Linkwood.
That the said Robert McDonald died intestate at Bogs of Linkwood aforesaid on the 20 January 1863.
The said estate situated in Scotland is of the value of £300 and under the value of £450.
Signed by B McDonald and W Paul JP.9

Betsy appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 at 34 South Guildry Street, Elgin, Moray, Scotland , also listed in the household was Helen, Betsy, Margaret, Isabella, Alexander, Mary and Betsy ;
McDONALD Betsy, Head, Widow, 47, Retired Farmer, Dallas Elginshire, 5 rooms with windows and 2 children at school
McDONALD Hellen, Dau, Unm, 20, Dressmaker, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Betsy, Dau, Unm 16, General Servant, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Isabella, Dau, Unm 14, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Margaret, Dau, Unm 14, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Alexander, Dau (sic), Unm 12, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Mary Ann, Dau, Unm 8, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
CHISHOLM Betsy, Grand Child, 5 months, Elgin, Elgin.10

Betsy McDonald immigrated on 25 Mar 1876 from Glasgow Scotland via "City of Dunedin" to Canterbury, New Zealand , also on board were listed Betsy, Margaret, Isabella, Alexander, Mary, John, Helen, Isabella and Margaret

"City of Dunedin"

Ship 1085 Tons, sailed Glasgow 25th March 1876 and arrived Lyttelton 1st July 1876
This fine vessel, prior to the amalgamation with the Shaw Savill Co, was owned by the Albion Co. She was a typical emigrant ship of 1085 tons register, and was built specifically to carry passengers from the Clyde to Dunedin. The accomodation was in the 'tween decks, the space being divided into three by bulkheads, single women being in the after compartment, married amidships, and single men in the forward compartment. The City of Dunedin completed ten voyages to Port Chalmers, direct from Scotland.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

This voyage had No Sickness on board and took only 97 days, and on board were 276 souls, equal to 237 adults.

Single Women:
McDonald Mrs Betsy, 43, Lanark, Housekeeper
McDonald Betsy, 22, Domestic Servant
McDonald Bella, 20, Domestic Servant
McDonald Margaret,20 Domestic Servant
McDonald Mary A, 14
Total cost to the Government for passage £80 (£16 each)
Single Men:
McDonald Alexander, 18, Lanark, Brassmoulder
Cost of £16
Families & Children: - to Rangiora
Brown John, 26, Lanark, Joiner
Brown Helen, 25
Brown Isabella, 2
Brown Maggie, 2 months
Total cost to the Government for passenge £41.11,12,13,14

"City of Dunedin"
"City of Dunedin"

Betsy McDonald was on the 1893 Electoral Roll Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

McDONALD, Betsy, Ashburton, widow, residential.15

Betsy died on 31 Dec 1893 at Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand , at age 74 years, 1 month and 5 days

Betsey McDonald, aged 74
Parents: ---- Gregor, unknown, ----- Gregor MS unknown.
Born Dallas Elginshire Scotland and in NZ 17yrs
Married Elginshire, Scotland aged 32 to Robert McDonald

Living Issue:
Helen 40
Betsy 38
Margaret 36
Isabella 36
Alexander 34
Mary 28
1 Male and 5 Females

Alexander McDonald, son of the deceased, Ashburton was the informant.2,16

Betsy's cause of death on 31 Dec 1893 was from Old Age
Bronchitis - 7 days.

Betsy was buried on 2 Jan 1894 at Ashburton Old Cemetery, Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

died 31st Dec 1893
aged 74

(purchased by A McDonald.)17

Betsey McDonald
Ashburton Cemetery
photo courtsey Alan Brown

Betsy and Robert had 7 Children.

Father*Alexander Grigor (c 1780 - b 1851)
Mother*Isobel Forbes (c 1786 - b 1841)

Children of Elizabeth Grigor and Robert McDonald


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