Betsy-Chisholm McDonald

#4474, (11 Oct 1870 - 31 Jul 1871)
     Betsy-Chisholm McDonald was born on 11 Oct 1870 at 32 South Guildry Street, Elgin, Moray, Scotland ,

Betsy-Chisholm MacDonald
(Illegitimate) at 2.25am
Parents: Hellen MacDonald, Daughter of a Farmer
Hellen MacDonald, Mother was the informant.1,2

She was the daughter of Helen McDonald.

Betsy-Chisholm McDonald was also known as Betsy Chisholm.

Betsy appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of Betsy McDonald at 34 South Guildry Street, Elgin, Moray, Scotland ;
McDONALD Betsy, Head, Widow, 47, Retired Farmer, Dallas Elginshire, 5 rooms with windows and 2 children at school
McDONALD Hellen, Dau, Unm, 20, Dressmaker, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Betsy, Dau, Unm 16, General Servant, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Isabella, Dau, Unm 14, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Margaret, Dau, Unm 14, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Alexander, Dau (sic), Unm 12, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
McDONALD Mary Ann, Dau, Unm 8, At School, St Andrews Lhanbryde
CHISHOLM Betsy, Grand Child, 5 months, Elgin, Elgin.3

Betsy-Chisholm's cause of death on 31 Jul 1871 was from Teething - 2 weeks.

Betsy died on 31 Jul 1871 at 7 Stewartsville Street, Partick, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland , at age 9 months and 20 days

Elizabeth Chisholm
at 8.40 PM, aged 9 months
Parents: Alexander Chisholm, Railway Guard & Helen Chisholm MS McDonald

Isabella McDonald, X her mark, Aunt was the informant of her death.

(address of 7 Stewartsville Street, Partick is the address her sister Isabella Brown was born at in 1873 before they left to come to NZ)
There is NO marriage of Helen McDonald to any Alexander Chisholm recorded in Scotland and as Betsy's birth certificates states her Mother was not married at the time of her birth, I feel this was a ploy so as the word illegitimate would not be recorded on her death certificate as it commonly would have been.)1,4

Mother*Helen McDonald (4 Dec 1850 - 31 May 1899)


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