Mary Ross

#7559, (c 1814 - 12 Jun 1895)
     Mary Ross was born c 1814 at Bourtie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland .

Mary Ross married George McDonald, son of Angus McDonald and Helen Thomson, on 28 Feb 1838 at Boharm, Moray, Scotland ,

Feb 10 1838, Drainie Moray
McDonald and Ross
George McDonald, Merchant, Lossiemouth and Mary Ross, in ----

Feb 28th 1838, Boharm Moray
McDonald & Ross

George McDonald, parish of Drainie and Mary Ross in this parish were married.1,2

As of 28 Feb 1838,her married name was McDonald.

Mary appeared on the 1841 Scottish Census of 6 Jun 1841 in the household of George McDonald at Lossiemouth, Drainie, Moray, Scotland ;
McDONALD George, 33, Publican, Scotland
McDONALD Mary, 26, Scotland
McDONALD Helen, 2, Moray
McDONALD Mary, 1, Moray
HENDERSON Jess, 19, F S, Scotland
GRANT Isabella, 15, F S, Scotland
STEPHEN George, 55, Mason, Scotland.3

Mary McDonald was the executor of George McDonald's estate on 10 Nov 1846 at Elgin Sheriff Court, Elgin, Moray, Scotland ,

Inventory of the Personal Estate of George McDonald, Farmer at Doricot Park Near Elgin who died Upon the 13 Day of June 1846 with Interest due on principal sums at this date.
Total Sums due by all banks £373 17s 8d
Total of Debts due to the deceased £58 13s 3d
Total of Stocking labouring Utinsils and Househould Furniture valued 23 June 1846 £71 19s 6d
Giving a Total Asset: £504 10s 5d

Full inventory signed by Relict Mary Ross or McDonald and Pat Cameron at Elgin the 10 day of November 1846.

Mary McDonald stated that being Relict and nearest of Kin, that she knew of no settlement or other writing left by the deceased relative to the disposal of his personal estate or effects.
Value of the said Estate situated in Scotland is of the value of £450 and under the value of £600.4

Mary appeared on the 1851 Scottish Census of 30 Mar 1851 at Branderburgh, Moray, Scotland , also listed in the household was Mary and Elizabeth ;
MacDONALD Mary, Head, 37, Grocer, Buntie Aberdeenshire
MacDONALD Mary, Dau, 10, Scholar, Drainie Elgin
MacDONALD Ann, Dau, 8, Scholar, Drainie Elgin
MacDONALD Elizabeth, Dau, Scholar, Drainie Elgin
SOUTER Isabella, Servant, 19, House Servant, Duffus Elgin.5

Mary appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 at Pitgaveny Street, Drainie, Moray, Scotland , also listed in the household was Mary, Ann and Elizabeth ;
McDONALD Mary, Head, 47, Hotel Keper, Bourtiee Aberdeenshire
McDONALD Mary, Dau, 20, Scholar, Drainie Moray
McDONALD Ann, Dau, 18, Scholar, Drainie Moray
McDONALD Elizabeth, Dau, 16, Scholar, Drainie Moray
SANTEN Jane, Servant, 23, Servant, Drainie Moary
MUIRDERS Ann, Servant, 18, Servant, Drainie Moray
McDONALD Ann, Servant, 16, Servant, Drainie Moray.6

Mary appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 at Pitgaveny Street, Drainie, Moray, Scotland , also listed in the household was Ann ;
McDONALD Mary, Head, Widow, 57, Retired Innkeeper, Bourtie Aberdeenshire
McDONALD Ann, Dau, Unm, 28, no occupation listed, Drainie Moray.7

Mary died on 12 Jun 1895 at Rossberry Cottage, Statfield, Drainie, Moray, Scotland ,

Mary McDonald
Widow of George Mcdonald, Harbour Innkeeper ??
at 1 AM aged 83yrs.
Parents: Thomas Ross, Farmer (dec) & Mary Ross MS Fowler (dec)

Mary Elliot, Daughter was present when she passed away.1,8

Mary's cause of death on 12 Jun 1895 was from Syncope - 6 days.

Mary and George had 5 Children.

Children of Mary Ross and George McDonald


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