McDonald and Grigor Families


Angus McDonald is still a bit of a mystery. There is no burial record showing on Scotlandspeople, though we do have his Headstone which says he died in 1823 aged 80.

Due to lack of other records, I have not been able to identify his birth/ baptism, which could be if the Headstone is correct from around 1743. Other family members also have him being born around the 1760's.

Both James and Robert, his son's have recorded on their death certificates that Angus was a Sergeant in the 42nd Foot - The Black Watch. That Angus was a Sergeant is also noted on his Headstone.

At this stage I have not been able to locate the correct Military record for Angus, from the files transferred from the National Archives to the Findmypast web site. It is known that many of the early Military records are missing or just did not survive. Perhaps Angus's record is amongst one of those.

I have found 3 Angus McDonald's who were Sergeants, but none in the Black Watch, nor do the dates of birth seem to correspond to dates for Angus.


Alexander Grigor is also a stopping point at this stage. Being such a common name and not being able again to locate a burial record on Scotlandspeople, I cannot confirm date of birth in order to locate details about parents.

It must have been quite a decision for Betsy (Elizabeth) McDonald to make, to travel to New Zealand with her family in 1876. She was aged 43 and an assisted immigrant. But she came with her family including her son-in-law John Leslie Brown and settled in the Canterbury region.

Her youngest daughter Mary Anne McDonald is my husband's - Great Grandmother, who went on to married James Henry Pauling, not long after he had lost his first wife. Mary Anne not only helped to bring up James's first lot of children but she also went on to have 5 children of her own.

I have not completed all the details of the branches of the families in Scotland and New Zealand - I have left that for the current generations to do.


Current map showing many of the towns and places the McDonald and Grigor families lived in Banffshire and Morayshire