Harriett Jubber

ID# 163, (8 Jun 1835 - 21 Oct 1914)
Mrs James Clark
Harriet Clark
Harriet's Box that she brought out to NZ with her in 1862
Harriet's Mesh Purse which is made of copper beads

Harriett Jubber was born on 8 Jun 1835 at London, Middlesex, England,

At this point still been unable to locate her record of birth or baptism.
London has been assumed due to place of marriage for parents.
But Harriett also lists Coventry as her place of birth.

She was the daughter of Joseph Jubber and Harriett Smith.

Harriett appeared on the 1851 English Census of 30 Mar 1851 in the household of Joseph Jubber at 9 Ashmore Place, Kennington, Surrey, England;
JUBBER, Jonah, Head, Mar,51, ConfectionerJourneyman, Stepney Middlesex
JUBBER, Ann, Wife, Mar, 49, Hortley Warwickshire
JUBBER, Harriet, Dau, Un, 15, Dressmaker, NK Worchester
JUBBER, Susannah, Dau, Un, 7, Lambeth Surrey
COLLIER, Sarah, Lodger, Widow, 69, Annunitant, Essex, Woodford.1

Harriett appeared on the 1861 English Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of Ann Jubber at 2 Brighton Place, Camberwell, Surrey, England;
JUBBER Ann, Wife, Mar, 59, Confectioner, Allesley, Warwickshire
JUBBER Harriett, Dau, Un, 25, Dressmaker, Coventry, Warwickshire
JUBBER Susannah, Dau, Un, 17, Teacher of Music, Lambeth, Surrey.2

Harriett Jubber immigrated on 20 Nov 1862 from London, England via the "Chile" to Port Chalmers, New Zealand ,

Harriet came to NZ on the 'Chile' which arrived at Dunedin on 20 Nov 1862, after a voyage of 83 days. It carried 139 passengers in second, cabin and steerage.
She also met Daniel McKay on that voyage.
She brought with her a reference from the Vicar of Stratford dated 24 July 1862. It described her as of good moral character and as a member of the Church of England.
She still owes £7 to the Otago Provincial for her fare as an assistant emigrant.3,4

The "Chile"
Harriet's Box that she brought out to NZ with her in 1862

Harriett Jubber and Edward McGraw applied for an Application to Marry on 15 Apr 1863 Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Edward McGRAW,
Bachelor, Mariner,
Aged 25,
Dwelling Place Dunedin;
Length of Residence 6 months
Harriett JUBBER,
Spinster, no profession,
Aged 27,
Dwelling Place Dunedin;
Length of Residence 5 months

Place where marriage to be solemnized:
In the Roman Catholic Chapel Dunedin.5

Harriett Jubber married Edward McGraw, son of Joseph McGraw and Margaret Freel, on 19 Apr 1863 at Roman Catholic Chapel, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Edward McGraw,
of Dunedin, aged 24, Bachelor, Mariner
Harriett Jubber
of Dunedin, aged 27, Spinster

Witnessess: Francis Johnson Cooper, Dunedin & Elizabeth Brice Mawson
Revd D Moreau, Cath Priest

There is no marriage notice in the papers.6,7

As of 19 Apr 1863,her married name was McGraw.

Harriett and Edward McGraw posed for a photo c 1864.

Edward and Harriet with their eldest child

Harriett was
received into the Catholic Church on April 7th 1866.
(Parents names Joseph Jubber and Ann Jubber - England).
St Joseph's Church, Dunedin (30years old) no birth date noted.
Received by Bishop P Moreau and the sponsor was Margaret Leary. Comments were: "Convert from the English Church."8

     Research Note: in 1866
Not long after the death of John William, Harriett went back to England not intending to return.
When she got back to England she found she was pregnant so her parents sent her back to New Zealand.
She would have left after she was recieved into the Catholic Church - did this prompt her to return home to consider her decison as after James's death in 1883, all children as well as Harriett did not follow the Catholic religion.

She would have become pregnant with Harriet Margaret about April 1866, so perhaps she left for England around May or June of that year. Not located at this stage on Papers Past regarding being a passenger to England.

Harriett McGraw immigrated on 6 Oct 1866 from Gravesend, England via the "Warrior Queen" to Dunedin, New Zealand ,

Newspaper Arrival.

12 January 1867
Passenger List "Warrior Queen" from London: Mssrs W L Riddell, TJ Goodwin and 20 in the steerage.

She brings 22 passengers; whose general health has been good throughout, no sickness having occurred.
On the 30 Ultimo Mrs McGraw a steerage passenger gave birth to a Daughter and both have progressed well.9

As of 1 May 1867,Harriett Jubber was also known as Harriett Clark.

     Research Note:
Some of the children were boarded with Mrs Shadford in Port Chalmers so they could attend school while the family lived on Dog Island.

After the inquest and burying of James, Harriett returned to Port Chalmers and lived in Constitution Street until 1884, then bought a house in Currie Street, and started a boarding house for Sailors, who use to book themselves and their mates in on regular basis.

Mrs Leigh, a music teacher in Port Chalmers sent Daniel Mckay, a shipmate on the 'Chile' along to renew acquaintaince with Harriett. She married him soon after.

Her family were not too pleased about her remarrying as they did not approve of second marriages. They were worried how their Mother would cope when she met up with two husbands in the after-life.

Currie St Port Chalmers, where the old house would have stood, now Council Flats

Harriett Clark married Daniel McKay, son of Peter McKay and Elizabeth Murtagh, on 30 Dec 1886 at Registrar's Office Port Chalmers, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Daniel McKay,
Aged 48, Labourer, Bachelor
Born: Newry Ireland
Usual Res: Port Chalmers
Parents: Peter McKay, Cab Proprietor & Elizabeth McKay MS Murtagh
Harriett Clark,
Aged 51, Widow - 23 May 1883
Born: Coventry England
Usual Res: Port Chalmers
Parents: Joseph Jubber, Pastry Cook & Ann Jubber MS Smith

Witnesses: William McLeod, Fireman, Port Chalmers & Marion Wilson, Port Chalmers

No marriage notice in the papers.6,10

Harriett and Daniel McKay

As of 30 Dec 1886,her married name was McKay.

Harriett wrote a will on 7 Apr 1887 at Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Harriet arranged in her Will for Daniel to remain in her house for his natural life as long as her children also could remain there. After all deaths, then property could be dispersed.
Will was signed 7 April 1887 and produced on the 28 Oct 1914 for probate.11

Harriett McKay was on the 1896 Electoral Roll Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand ,

McKAY Harriet, Currie Street, Port Chalmers, domestic duties, residential.12

Harriett McKay was on the 1900 Electoral Roll Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Daniel

McKAY Harriet, Currie Street, Port Chalmers, domestic duties, residential
McKAY Daniel, Currie Street, Port Chalmers, labourer, residential.13

Harriett McKay was on the 1914 Electoral Roll Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Daniel

McKAY Harriet, Currie Street, Port Chalmers, married
McKAY Daniel, Currie Street, Port Chalmers, labourer.14

Harriett died on 21 Oct 1914 at 7 Currie Street, Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand , at age 79 years, 4 months and 13 days

Harriet McKAY
Married Woman
aged 78
Died 21 Oct 1914, Currie Street, Port Chalmers
Born: Coventry England
In NZ: 51 years
Parents: - Jubber, Baker & - Smith
1. Dunedin, aged 27, James Clark
2. Port Chalmers, aged 48, Daniel McKay
Living Issue:
M: 50, 45 F: 47, 43, 41.6,15

Harriett's cause of death on 21 Oct 1914 was from Arterio Sclerosis 1 yrs
Cerebral Thrombosis 4mths.

Harriett was buried on 24 Oct 1914 at New Port Chalmers Cemetery, Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand ,

No Headstone for the plot
Also buried in the plot along with Harriet McKay are:
Chisholm Brenda Tui
Clark Margaret Harriet
Clark Mary Lillian
Fail Eliza Ann
McKay Daniel.16

Harriett's death notice appeared on 9 Nov 1914 in the "Otago Daily Times", New Zealand ,

M'KAY (Clark)
- On October 21, at her residence, Currie Street, Port Chalmers, Harriet, beloved wife of Daniel M'Kay; aged 79 years.17

Harriett and James had 7 Children.

Children of Harriett Jubber and Edward McGraw/ James Clark

Family: Harriett Jubber and Daniel McKay

FatherJoseph Jubber (2 Nov 1799 - 31 Mar 1878)
MotherHarriett Smith (1806 - 14 Jun 1836)


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