Rosabel Florence Daisy Le-Compte

ID# 154, (9 Jun 1906 - 5 Dec 1965)

Rosabel Florence Daisy Le-Compte was born on 9 Jun 1906 at Kumara, Westcoast, New Zealand ,

Parents: Rose Isabelle and John Charles Le-Compte.1

Rosabel Florence Daisy Le-Compte was also known as Belle Le-Compte.

Rosabel Florence Daisy Le-Compte married Leonard Clark, son of Lilly Clark, on 6 Jan 1937 at Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand .2

As of 6 Jan 1937,her married name was Belle Clark.

Belle died on 5 Dec 1965 at Waiuku, Auckland, New Zealand , at age 59 years, 5 months and 26 days.3

Belle was buried on 7 Dec 1965 at Waiuku Cemetery, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

In Loving Memory Of Rosabel 'Bel' beloved wife of Leonard, Dear Mother of Ross passed away 5 Dec 1965 also Leonard passed away 5 May 1982.4

Belle and Leonard had 1 child, still living.

Family: Rosabel Florence Daisy Le-Compte and Leonard Clark


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