Frank Harold Dacre MacIlveen

ID# 118, (9 May 1896 - 5 Dec 1974)

Frank Harold Dacre MacIlveen was born on 9 May 1896 at Tokatoka, Northland, New Zealand ,

DOD says date of brith 9 May 1896.
NZ RGO Index for birth was registered in March Qtr 1897.1

Frank Harold Dacre MacIlveen married Esther Winifred Washer, daughter of James Clark and Myra Smith, in 1966 at Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

Esther remarried after Noel died in 1961.2

Frank and Esther were divorced b 1973 Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand .

Frank died on 5 Dec 1974 at Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand , at age 78 years, 6 months and 26 days.3

Frank was cremated on 7 Dec 1974 at Purewa Cemetery, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

Ashes Returned.4

Frank and Esther had no children.

Family: Frank Harold Dacre MacIlveen and Esther Winifred Clark


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