Teresa McGrath

ID# 4545, (3 Sep 1891 - 1957)

Teresa McGrath was born on 3 Sep 1891 at Liverpool, Lancashire, England.1
She was the daughter of James McGrath and Margaret Clare.

Teresa appeared on the 1901 English Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of James McGrath at 28 Pitt Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England;
McGRATH James, Head, M, 44, Horse Dealer ( Groom Stable), own account, Liverpool
McGRATH Margaret, Wife, M, 42, Fruit Shopkeeper, own account at home, Liverpool
McGRATH James, Son, Single, 23, Carter, employer, Liverpool
McGRATH Margaret, Dau, Single, 19, Liverpool
McGRATH Francis, Son, Single, 10, Liverpool
McGRATH Teresa, Dau, 7, Liverpool.2

Teresa appeared on the 1911 English Census of 2 Apr 1911 in the household of Margaret McGrath at 28 Pitt Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England;
Mc GRATH Margaret, Head, 50, Single, no children, Dealer, Shopkeeper, Fruit, Own Account, At Home, Liverpool Lancashire, British
Mc GRATH James, Brother, 58, Widower, Dealer, Horse, Own Acc, Liverpool Lancashire
Mc GRATH John, Brother, 66, Single, no children, Dealer, Horse, own Acc, Liverpool Lancashire
Mc GRATH Francis, Nephew, 21, Single, Motor Mechanic, Motor, Own Acc, Liverpool Lancashire
Mc GRATH Teresa, Niece, 19, Single, Domestic, House, Own Acc, At Home, Liverpool Lancashire.3

Teresa McGrath married Joseph Edwin Sloan in 1918 at Liverpool, Lancashire, England,

Teresa McGrath to Joseph E Sloan.4

As of 1918,her married name was Sloan.

Teresa Sloan recorded Margaret McGrath's death on 12 Oct 1934 St Augustine's Home, Liverpool, Lancashire, England,
Margaret McGrath
At St Augustine's Home, from 28 Pitt Street
Spinister, Aged 72
Greengrocery Shopkeeper (formerly)
Daughter of Joseph McGrath, Cab Proprietor (deceased)

T Sloan, Niece, 3 Britannia Avenue was the informant.5,6

Teresa appeared on the 1939 UK Register of 29 Sep 1939 in the household of Joseph Edwin Sloan at 3 Britannia Avenue, Liverpool, Lancashire;
SLOAN Joseph E, 28 Jan 1891, Mar, Motor Driver Salesman, Cleaners Dyers
SLOAN Teresa, 3 Sept 1891, Mar, Unpaid Domestic Duties
SLOAN ? - still living.7

Teresa Sloan was the administrator of Joseph Edwin Sloan's estate on 3 Dec 1945 at Liverpool, Lancashire, England;
SLOAN Joseph Edwin
of 8 Britannia Avenue, Liverpool 5, died 7 August 1945. Administration (with Will), Liverpool, 3 December to Teresa Sloan, Widow.
Effects £523 18s 5d.8

Teresa died in 1957 at Liverpool South, Lancashire, England, at age 65 years.9

Teresa and Joseph had 3 children, 2 may still be living
would like contact with family members.

Child of Teresa McGrath and Joseph Edwin Sloan

FatherJames McGrath (4 May 1850 - )
MotherMargaret Clare (13 Oct 1857 - 1901)


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