Harriett Margaret McGraw/ Clark

ID# 165, (30 Dec 1866 - 12 Oct 1942)
Margaret Clark

Harriet Margaret McGraw was born on 30 Dec 1866 at at Sea on Board "The Warrior Queen" on the way to New Zealand.

This was 3 weeks from Dunedin

Recorded as on shipping Manifest:
Mr & Mrs McGraw born 20.12.66, Female
Warrior Queen 7376
(written family papers also say Lat 48.0.6 South, Long 29.0.15 E at 2.20am)

NZ Birth Certificate notes:
Born Dec 30 1866 at Sea on board ship "Warrior Queen"
Parents: Edward McGraw, Mariner & Harriet McGraw MS Jubber

Harriet McGraw, the childs mother, Dunedin was the informant.1,2,3

She was the daughter of Edward McGraw/ James Clark and Harriett Jubber.

Harriett Margaret McGraw/ Clark was also known as Harriet Margaret McGraw.

Harriet Margaret McGraw was baptised on 27 Jan 1867 in St Joseph's Church, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Harriet Margareta McGRAW
Parents: Edward and Harriett McGraw
Sponsor: Mary Wilson

Letter from Rev C D Campbell, stated that if a person was standing in for a proxy sponsor it was usually noted in the records and in this case there was no note to indicate this was the situation, and that Mary Wilson was the actual sponsor.4

As of 1 May 1867,Harriett Margaret McGraw/ Clark was also known as Margaret Harriett Clark.

Margaret Harriett Clark was also known as Mag Clark.

had a child called John at age 16 while on Dog Island. She claimed that William Harper, who was the other Lighthouse Keeper on the Island was the father.

She worked for Dr. Cunningham as his Housekeeper for many years.

She returned home after her Mother died to run the BoardingHouse.

She went out with Bill Smith for many years. After they broke up she was a recluse not leaving the house in case she saw him.

Margaret's occupation Housekeeper for Dr Cunningham in Port Chalmers for many years.

Margaret Harriett Clark was on the 1919 Electoral Roll Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand ,

CLARK Margaret Harriet, 15 Currie Street, Port Chalmers, Spinster.5

Margaret died on 12 Oct 1942 at Currie Street, Port Chalmers, Otago, New Zealand , at age 75 years, 9 months and 12 days

Margaret Harriet Clark
aged 75 years.6,7

Margaret's cause of death on 12 Oct 1942 was from Cardiac Disease probably Aortic Incompetence not certified, when last seen.
Coroner considered inquest unnecessary.

Margaret was buried on 14 Oct 1942 at New Port Chalmers Cemetery, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

No Headstone for the plot
Also buried in the plot are
Chisholm Brenda Tui
Clark Mary Lillian
Fail Eliza Ann
McKay Daniel
McKay Harriet.8

Child of Harriett Margaret McGraw/ Clark

FatherEdward McGraw/ James Clark (12 Jan 1839 - 23 May 1883)
MotherHarriett Jubber (8 Jun 1835 - 21 Oct 1914)


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