Isabella Jane Corlett

ID# 720, (1871 - 5 Oct 1939)

Isabella Jane Corlett was born in 1871 at Andreas, Isle of Man.

Isabella Jane Corlett was baptised on 1 Jan 1871 in Andreas, Isle of Man,

Isabella Jane
daughter of
William & Ellen Corlett (Cowley)
Abode: Jurby

She was the daughter of William Corlett and Elinor Cowley.

Isabella appeared on the 1871 Isle of Man Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of William Corlett at Chronk Breck House, Jurby, Isle of Man;
CORLETT, William Head, Mar, 45, Farmer of 100 acres employing 2 men, Andreas IOM
CORLETT Ellenor, Wife, Mar, 39, Jurby
CORLETT William, Son, Unm, 18, Farmers Son, Jurby
CORLETT Thomas, Son, 12, Scholar, Ramsey
CORLETT John Edward, Son, 8, Scholar, Andreas
CORLETT Elizabeth C, daur, 6, Scholar, Andreas
CORLETT Mary Ann, Daur, 2, Jurby
CORLETT Isabella, Daur, 3mths, Jurby
CALLISTER Philip, Servant, Unm, 17, Farm Servant Indoor, Jurby
CORLETT Catherine, Servant, Unm, 18, Domestic Servant, Andreas
CORLETT Silas, Boarder, Mar, 50, Pensioner Farrier, Andreas.4

Isabella appeared on the 1881 Isle of Man Census of 3 Apr 1881 in the household of William Corlett at Ballagumell, Andreas, Isle of Man;
CORLETT William , Head, Mar, 55, Farmer 5 ½ acrea, Andreas
CORLETT Elleanor, Wife, Mar, 50, Farmers Wife, Jurby
CORLETT Mary A, Daur, 12, Scholar, Andreas
CORLETT Isabella J, Daur, 10, Scholar, Andreas
CORLETT Christian R, Daur, 7, Scholar, Andreas.5

Isabella witnessed the marriage of Thomas Corlett and Mary Ann Kneale on 13 Jul 1889 Andreas, Isle of Man.1,2,6,7

Isabella Jane Corlett married William Joseph Cleator on 31 May 1892 at Lezayre, Isle of Man,

Parents listed:
Thomas Cleator and William Corlett.8,9

As of 31 May 1892,her married name was Cleator.

Isabella appeared on the 1901 Isle of Man Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of William Joseph Cleator at Clanagh Rd, Lezayre, Isle of Man;
CLEATOR William J, Head, M, 37, Mason, own acc, Lezayre
CLEATOR Isabella J, Wife, M, 30, Jurby
CLEATOR Elleanor I, Daur, 7, School girl, Lezayre
CLEATOR Alice, Daur, 4, school girl, Lezayre
CLEATOR Ruby C, Daur, 1, Lezayre
CORLETT Ellenor, Mother In Law, Widow, 70, Visitor, Jurby.10

Isabella appeared on the 1911 Isle of Man Census of 2 Apr 1911 in the household of William Joseph Cleator at West Craig, Sulby, Andreas, Isle of Man;
CLEATOR William J, Head, 47, Married, Builder, worker, Lezayre IOM
CLEATOR Isabella J, Wife, 40, Married 18 yrs, 5 children, 4 living, 1 deceased, Jurby
CLEATOR Alice, Daughter, 14, Leyzyre
CLEATOR Ruby C, Daughter, 11, Lezayre
CLEATOR Emily, Daughter, 6, Andreas
CLEATOR Thomas W F, Son, 2, Andreas.11

Isabella died on 5 Oct 1939 at West Craige, St Jude's, Andreas, Isle of Man, at age 68 years.

Isabella was buried on 8 Oct 1939 at Lezayre Churchyard, Lezayre, Isle of Man,

Isabella Jane Cleator,
aged 68yrs
West Craig, Andreas.12,13

Isabella's death notice appeared on 10 Oct 1939 in the "Mona's Herald", Isle of Man,


On October 5th at West Craige, St Jude's, Andreas, Isabella Jane, beloved wife of William Joseph Cleator.
Interred at Lezayre Churchyard. Sunday October 8th.14

13 Oct 1939 Isabella Jane Cleator was mentioned in the "Ramsey Courier", Isle of Man, newspaper


The funeral of the late Mrs J J Cleator, of West Craige, St Jude's, took place on Sunday. Mr Thomson announced the hymn "Rock of Ages" outside deceased's home. The cortege then proceeded to St Jude's Church, where a service was conducted by the Rev. G. Davies, who also performed the last rites at the graveside at Lezayre.
The principal mourners were: Mr Eric Cleator (son): Mrs Lace, Mrs Kennaugh and Mrs Edwards (daughters): Mr E Lace and Mr H G Edwards (son-in-laws): Mrs Craine and Mrs Blair (sisters): Mr W Craine and Mr W Blair (brothers-in-law): Mr T Lawson and Mrs Kinrade (cousins): Mrs T Gale and Miss N Cleator (nieces).
Wreaths and floral tributes were sent by the following: Husband, children and grandchild; 3 sisters; From Sue; Herbert and Bella, West View; All at Kerrowcrole; All at Bretney; May and Nessie, Jack and Daisy; From Isabella and Lizzie, Atherton; Janie and Charles, New Brighton; From Mr and Mrs Kelly, Douglas; Mr and Mrs Patrick; All at No 4, Mafeking Terrace; Mr and Mrs W Lace, Taubman Street; Mrs Sayle and family, Close-e-Kewin; Mrs Brew and family, Ballacleator; Mr and Mrs Kennaugh and family; Mr and Mrs H Allen, West Craige Cottage; Mrs Radcliffe and family, Farrant's Fort; Mr and Mrs A Teare, Rye Hill; From all at Close-e-Kewin and Shell Cottage; From all at the Dock; From Mrs Cannell and family, Benahara; Mr and Mrs W Kennaugh; Mr and Mrs D Curphey, West Craige; Nurse Kewin and Miss M Kewin, Close Vark; All at the Willows, Lezayre Road; Mr and Mrs Radcliffe and family, Close-e-Cleator; Mr and Mrs Costain, Alice and Bessie; From all at Elden Grove.
The bearers were Messrs T Goldie, H Kneale, W Brew and S Sayle.
The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs J D kelly and W H Cowin.15

Isabella and William had 5 Known Children.

Children of Isabella Jane Corlett and William Joseph Cleator

Father*William Corlett (1826 - 23 Jul 1899)
Mother*Elinor Cowley (5 May 1831 - 26 Jan 1912)


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