John Corlett

ID# 631, (6 Jun 1878 - 9 Jun 1945)

John Corlett was born on 6 Jun 1878 at Pleasant Point, Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

John Corlett
Parents: William Corlett, laborer, 26, Isle of Man & Mary Ann Cowley, 25, Isle of Man: Married 18 May 1872, Isle of Man

M A Corlett, Mother, Pleasant Point was the informant.1,2

He was the son of William Corlett and Mary Anne Cowley.

John attended "Parkvale School", Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand , on 20 Apr 1886

Parkvale School Carterton
No 119
Admission: 20 April 1886
DOB given as 7yrs 10mths.3

John attended "Parkvale School", Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand , in Jul 1887

Parkvale School, Carterton
No 143, former No 119
Admission: July 1887
DOB given as 8yrs 1mth.4

John Corlett was on the 1899 Electoral Roll Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

CORLETT John, Parkvale, Farmhand, Res.5

John Corlett married Eliza Louisa Spooner on 7 Feb 1903 at Home of Arthur Edward Spooner, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand .6,7

John Corlett was on the 1906 Directory.

CORLETT John, Overseer, Utiku.8

John began Military Service in 1917 WW1 Reserve Listing, Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

CORLETT John, Farmer,Te Whiti, Masterton. (A)

(A) indicated No children, but if a Reservist listed his dependants but did not state which ones were children he was given an A until he returned a full report.

John would have had 6 children at this stage.9

     Research Note: in 1918
Te Whiti School 75th Jubilee Book:

The race track which Mr.Corlett had for training horses-from approximately where Mr.S.Henderson's dairy is now to the willow tree which is now in the middle of the Ruamahanga River.

John was well known in the Te Whiti area for his horse training.

The above article was in the Jubilee book.10

John Corlett married Olive Martha Kay, daughter of Samuel Viney Kay and Alice Woodley, on 26 Nov 1919 at Residence of S.V. Kay, High Street, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

Copy of Marriage declaration held:
John Corlett, 39, Farmer, Widower 7.12.1916, Res: Carterton, 34yrs in NZ
Olive Martha Kay, 21, Domestic Duties, Spinster, Res: Carterton, 21yrs in NZ
Marriage to be solemnized at the Residence of S V Kay, High Street, Carterton.11

John Corlett and Olive Martha Kay had a marriage notice on 5 Dec 1919 in the "Wairarapa Daily Times", New Zealand ,

At the residence of the bride's parents, Carterton, on Wednesday last, Miss Olive Martha, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs S Kay, was married to Mr John Corlett, third son of Mr W Corlett, of Parkvale. The bride, who was given away by her father, was charmingly attired in crepe de chine, trimmed with a silk fringe and tassels, and wore a silk Egyptian veil and orange blossoms. She also carried a bouquet of narcissi, lilies, and maidenhair fern. Miss Dorothy Edlin, cousin of the bridegroom, was chief bridesmaid, and was dressed in a frock of silk, fringed, with black hat lightened with pink. She carried a bouquet of narcissi and maidenhair fern. The chief bridesmaid was supported by the Misses Laura and Malva Kay, sisters of the bride. Mr W J Kay, brother of the bride, was best man, and Mr P Henneker, of Wellington (cousin of the bride) was groomsman.12

John was declared bankrupt on 12 Oct 1921

CORLETT John, Carterton, Farmer, 12 Oct 1921.13

John Corlett was on the 1940 Directory.

CORLETT John, Labourer, 134 Colombo St, Masterton.14

John died on 9 Jun 1945 at 50 Kauripuni Street, Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand , at age 67 years and 3 days

John Corlett, no occupation, aged 67. From 134 Colombo Road, Masterton
Parents: William Corlett, Farmer & Mary Ann Cowley
Born: Pleasnt Point Timaru, Life
Married: 1 - Louise Spooner, when aged 24, at Carterton
2 - Olive Martha Kay, when aged 39, Carterton. Olive's age 47

Living Males: 41, 39, 37, 34, 23, 21, 17, 15, 11, 9, 3
Living Females: 31.2,15

John's cause of death on 9 Jun 1945 was from Coronary Embolism 2mths
Coronary Sclerosis 6mths.

John was buried on 11 Jun 1945 at Archer St Cemetery, Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

ILMO John Corlett d 9 June 1945 age 67.
In God's care.16

John and Eliza had 5 children, none living.

John and Olive had 7 children, of which 4 may still be living.

Children of John Corlett and Eliza Louisa Spooner

Children of John Corlett and Olive Martha Kay

Father*William Corlett (1852 - 12 Oct 1936)
Mother*Mary Anne Cowley (1853 - 2 Sep 1923)


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