Jane //

ID# 4532, (c 1808 - 24 Jan 1890)

Jane // was born c 1808 at Yorkshire, England.

Jane // married John Yates c 1830 at Yorkshire, England.

As of c 1830,her married name was Yates.

Jane immigrated on 6 Nov 1841 from Liverpool, England via "Martha Ridgway" to Nelson, New Zealand, with John Yates

"Martha Ridgway" arrived Nelson, 7 April 1842.

YATES John, Married, 33, Carpenter
YATES Jane, Married, 31, Wife
YATES Henry, Child, 9
YATES Edward, Child, 2.1

Jane died on 24 Jan 1890 at Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

aged 62yrs

There is no death notice in any paper located so far.2

Jane was buried on 25 Jan 1890 at Archer Street Cemetery, Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

ILMO Henry Yates died 18 Jan 1872 aged 39 years;
and Elizabeth Yates died 11 Oct 1885 aged 26 years;
and John Yates died 28 March 1880 aged 72 years;
and Jane Yates died 24 Jan 1890 aged 82 years;
and Agnes Bell relict of Henry Yates died 7 Nov 1920 aged 82 years.3

Children of Jane // and John Yates


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