Thomas Corlett

ID# 634, (1 Oct 1874 - 13 Apr 1931)
Thomas Corlett
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Thomas immigrated on 17 Jul 1874 from London via "Duke of Edinburgh" to Lyttleton, New Zealand , with William Corlett

Sailed London 17th July 1874 -
arrived Lyttleton 1st November 1874.
ship: 1117 tons, Captain: Mosey

Assisted Immigration

CORBETT, William, 22, Isle of Man, Farm Labourer. Total cost of Passage Money to the Government £36.5.0
CORBETT, Mary A, 21
CORBETT, Wm Edwd, 1¾
CORBETT, Jno Jas, 7 months
CORBETT, Male child, Infant - Born on board 1/10/1874, Infant weighed 11½

Newspaper stated that No contagious disease had appeared during the voyage and Three deaths of infants and five births occurred during the voyage.1,2

Thomas Corlett was born on 1 Oct 1874 at At Sea aboard the "Duke of Edinburgh"

W & M A Corlett,
Date of Birth 1/10/74/ Male, Thomas, Duke of Edinburgh, 600445

(Suppose to be born three weeks before landing in NZ, while boat was crossing Brown Sea) Actually works out to be 4 weeks as Oct has 31 days, The Brown Sea cannot be identified correctly).1,3

He was the son of William Corlett and Mary Anne Cowley.

Thomas attended "Parkvale School", Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand , on 20 Apr 1886

Parkvale School, Carterton
No 118
Admission: 20 April 1886
DOB given as 10yrs 6mths.4

Thomas was present on the 1899 Electoral Roll Parkvale, Wairarapa, New Zealand , in the household of William Corlett.

CORLETT, William, Parkvale, farmer, residential
CORLETT, Mary Ann, Carterton, home duties, residential
CORLETT, Ann Jane, Parkvale, spinster, residential
CORLETT, Thomas, Carterton, labourer, residential.5

Thomas Corlett married Catherine Mary Ann Gertrude Watson, daughter of Ernest Albert Watson and Catherine Elizabeth Daniels, on 8 Jan 1913 at St Marks Church, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

Thomas Corlett,
38, Waggoner, Bachelor,
born At Sea.
Usual Res: Carterton
Parents: William Corlett, Farmer & Mary Ann Currie (sic)
Catherine Mary Ann Gertrude Watson,
30, Domestic, Spinster,
born Earlswood, Surrey, England
Usual Res: Parkvale
Parents: Ernest Albert Watson, Timekeeper & Catherine Elizabeth Oanite (sic)

Witnesses: Henry Rayner Jnr, Farmer Carterton & Silas Rayner, Farmer Carterton

Newspaper mentioned that the Bridesmaids were Misses Connie and Doris Corlett. Mr Silas Rayner was Best Man, and Mr L Corlett Groomsman.1,6

Thomas Corlett and Catherine Mary Ann Gertrude Watson had a marriage notice on 9 Jan 1913 in the "Wairarapa Daily Times", New Zealand ,

At Carterton yesterday, Mr Thomas Corlett, second son of Mr and Mrs Wm Corlett of Parkvale, was married to Miss Catherine Ann Gertrude Watson, of Surrey, England. The bridesmaids were Misses Connie and Doris Corlett. Mr Silas Rayner was best man, and Mr L Corlett Groomsman.7

Thomas began Military Service in 1918 NZEF WW1, New Zealand ,

Reserve List
Thomas Corlett (B) Ploughman, Te Whiti, Masterton -1 child.8

Thomas died on 13 Apr 1931 at Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand , at age 56 years, 6 months and 12 days.9

Thomas's cause of death on 13 Apr 1931 was from Syncope followed by pulmonary apoplesy.10

Thomas was buried in Apr 1931 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

Thomas Corlett
d 13 April 1931 aged 56.
Catherine Mary Ann Gertrude Corlett
d 22 Oct 1968 aged 86,
also James Frances Corlett
33582 7th Anti Tank
d 9 Sept 1943 aged 25.11

Thomas and Catherine Corlett Headstone
Clareville Cemetery

Thomas and Catherine had 3 Children.

Children of Thomas Corlett and Catherine Mary Ann Gertrude Watson

Father*William Corlett (1852 - 12 Oct 1936)
Mother*Mary Anne Cowley (1853 - 2 Sep 1923)


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