Catherine Jane Cowley

ID# 6184, (1855 - 2 Apr 1876)

Catherine Jane Cowley was born in 1855 at Andreas, Isle of Man.

She was the daughter of John Cowley and Jane Teare.

Catherine Jane Cowley was baptised on 4 Mar 1855 in Andreas, Isle of Man,

Catherine Jane
daughter of
John & Jane Cowley (Teare)
Abode: Jurby

Catherine appeared on the 1861 Isle of Man Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of William Teare at BallaCallum, Andreas, Isle of Man;
TEARE William, Head, Mar, 63, Farmer of 57 acres employing 2 labourers
TEARE Catherine, Wife, Mar, 60, Andreas
TEARE William, Son, Unm, 37, employed on farm, Andreas
TEARE Robert, Son, Unm,25, employed on farm, Andreas
COWLEY John, Son in Law, Mar, 32, employed on farm, Jurby
COWLEY Jane, Dau, Mar, 29 Andreas
COWLEY Mary A, Grand dau, 8, Andreas
COWLEY Catherine J, Grand dau, 6, Andreas
COWLEY Eleanor, Grand dau, 4, Andreas
COWLEY William, Grand Son, 2, Andreas
COWLEY Margaret, Grand dau, 3mths, Andreas
KNEALE Mary Ann, Dau, Mar, 27, Andreas
CORKERN Catherine, Servt, 15, Dairy Maid, Andreas.4

Catherine appeared on the 1871 Isle of Man Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of John Cowley at Bretney's House, Jurby, Isle of Man;
COWLEY John, Head, Mar, 42, Farmer of 117 acres, employing 2 men, born Jurby
COWLEY Jane, Wife, Mar, 40, Andreas
COWLEY John, Son, Unm, 20, Farmers Son, Andreas
COWLEY Mary Ann, Dau, Unm, 18, Farmers Dau, Andreas
COWLEY Catherine J, Dau, Unm, 16, Farmers Dau, Andreas
COWLEY Ellenor, Dau, 14, Scholar, Andreas
COWLEY William, son, 12, Scholar, Andreas
COWLEY Margaret, Dau, 10, Scholar, Andreas
COWLEY Thomas, Son, 8, Scholar, Ballaugh
COWLEY Daniel R, Son, 4, Jurby,
COWLEY James, Son, 2, Jurby
COWLEY Christiana, Dau, 2, Jurby
COWLEY Emma, Dau, 1, Jurby
COWLEY Edward Teare, Son, 1mth, Jurby
COWLEY Catherine, Mother, Widow, 66, Annuitant, Jurby
TATE William, Servant, Unm, 17, Farm Servant indoor, Castletown
CORLETT James, Labourer, Mar, 46, Agricultural Labourer, Andreas.5

Catherine appeared on the 1871 Isle of Man Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of William Teare at BallaCallum, Andreas, Isle of Man;
TEARE William Head, Mar, 74, Land Owner Farmer of 49 Acreas employing 2 Labourers, Andreas
TEARE Catherine, Wife, Mar, 70, Andreas
TEARE William, Son, Unm, 47, Farmers Son, Andreas
KNEALE Thomas, Grand Son, 8, Andreas
KNEALE Mary Ann, Grand Dau, 9, Andreas
COWLEY Catherine, Grand Dau, Unm, 16, Andreas
(Is this the daughter of John Cowley & Jane Teare, recorded twice on the Census - or another Granddaughter?)
CORMODE Ann, Servant, Unm, 24, General Servant (domestic) Andreas.6

Catherine died on 2 Apr 1876 at Bretney, Jurby, Isle of Man, at age 21 years.

Catherine was buried on 4 Apr 1876 at Jurby Churchyard - Old, Jurby, Isle of Man,

In memory of
Catherine Jane
daughter of John & Jane Cowley,
who died at Bretney
the 2nd of April 1876
aged 21 years.7,8

Father*John Cowley (1829 - 5 Jun 1900)
Mother*Jane Teare (c 1831 - 28 Dec 1906)


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