Mary Anne Cowley

ID# 628, (1853 - 2 Sep 1923)

Mary Anne Cowley was born in 1853 at Andreas, Isle of Man.

She was the daughter of John Cowley and Jane Teare.

Mary Anne Cowley was baptised on 6 Feb 1853 in Andreas, Isle of Man,

Mary Anne daughter of
John & Jane Cowley (Teare)
Abode: BallaCallum

Mary appeared on the 1861 Isle of Man Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of William Teare at BallaCallum, Andreas, Isle of Man;
TEARE William, Head, Mar, 63, Farmer of 57 acres employing 2 labourers
TEARE Catherine, Wife, Mar, 60, Andreas
TEARE William, Son, Unm, 37, employed on farm, Andreas
TEARE Robert, Son, Unm,25, employed on farm, Andreas
COWLEY John, Son in Law, Mar, 32, employed on farm, Jurby
COWLEY Jane, Dau, Mar, 29 Andreas
COWLEY Mary A, Grand dau, 8, Andreas
COWLEY Catherine J, Grand dau, 6, Andreas
COWLEY Eleanor, Grand dau, 4, Andreas
COWLEY William, Grand Son, 2, Andreas
COWLEY Margaret, Grand dau, 3mths, Andreas
KNEALE Mary Ann, Dau, Mar, 27, Andreas
CORKERN Catherine, Servt, 15, Dairy Maid, Andreas.4

Mary appeared on the 1871 Isle of Man Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of John Cowley at Bretney's House, Jurby, Isle of Man;
COWLEY John, Head, Mar, 42, Farmer of 117 acres, employing 2 men, born Jurby
COWLEY Jane, Wife, Mar, 40, Andreas
COWLEY John, Son, Unm, 20, Farmers Son, Andreas
COWLEY Mary Ann, Dau, Unm, 18, Farmers Dau, Andreas
COWLEY Catherine J, Dau, Unm, 16, Farmers Dau, Andreas
COWLEY Ellenor, Dau, 14, Scholar, Andreas
COWLEY William, son, 12, Scholar, Andreas
COWLEY Margaret, Dau, 10, Scholar, Andreas
COWLEY Thomas, Son, 8, Scholar, Ballaugh
COWLEY Daniel R, Son, 4, Jurby,
COWLEY James, Son, 2, Jurby
COWLEY Christiana, Dau, 2, Jurby
COWLEY Emma, Dau, 1, Jurby
COWLEY Edward Teare, Son, 1mth, Jurby
COWLEY Catherine, Mother, Widow, 66, Annuitant, Jurby
TATE William, Servant, Unm, 17, Farm Servant indoor, Castletown
CORLETT James, Labourer, Mar, 46, Agricultural Labourer, Andreas.5

Mary Anne Cowley married William Corlett, son of William Corlett and Elinor Cowley, on 30 May 1872 at Jurby, Isle of Man,

May 30th 1872.
Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church, by licence.

William Corlett,
Full age, Bachelor, Labourer,
Res: Andreas,
Father William Corlett, Farmer.
Mary Ann Cowley,
Under age with consent of Parents, Spinster,
Res: Jurby,
Father John Cowley, Farmer.

Vicar - Henry Hardy.
In presence of John Wade and John Cowley.

(It is said that Mary Ann and William were cousins, which they were, and that the family was opposed to the marriage. After Mary Ann died William returned to the IOM and remarried).1,6,7

As of 30 May 1872,her married name was Corlett.

Mary immigrated on 17 Jul 1874 from London via "Duke of Edinburgh" to Lyttleton, New Zealand , with William Corlett

Sailed London 17th July 1874 -
arrived Lyttleton 1st November 1874.
ship: 1117 tons, Captain: Mosey

Assisted Immigration

CORBETT, William, 22, Isle of Man, Farm Labourer. Total cost of Passage Money to the Government £36.5.0
CORBETT, Mary A, 21
CORBETT, Wm Edwd, 1¾
CORBETT, Jno Jas, 7 months
CORBETT, Male child, Infant - Born on board 1/10/1874, Infant weighed 11½

Newspaper stated that No contagious disease had appeared during the voyage and Three deaths of infants and five births occurred during the voyage.1,8

Mary recorded the birth of John Corlett on 6 Jun 1878 Pleasant Point, Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

John Corlett
Parents: William Corlett, laborer, 26, Isle of Man & Mary Ann Cowley, 25, Isle of Man: Married 18 May 1872, Isle of Man

M A Corlett, Mother, Pleasant Point was the informant.9,1

     Research Note: bt 14 Jun 1878 - Jul 1881
This is the time period in which William Corlett was sentenced to jail.
Mary Ann would have been left to fend for herself and look after 4 very young children, the youngest John only just over a week old.
We need to assume that William knowing he was going to go to jail had made arrangements with his friend and sometimes working partner Francis Parham to look after his family.
Perhaps Mary Ann was taken in by Francis as his housekeeper, though eventually she may have assumed the role of his wife, as two children are born during this time period. Sidney around Sept/ Oct 1880 on whom we cannot locate a birth registration and little Henry who was born on the 1 Oct 1881 and died only 9 days later. It is from little Henry's birth and death registration that we know Mary Ann and Francis were the parents.

At this time in history, there was no Social Security or any type of support income for wifes without a partner bringing in income, and they were left to fend for themselves and try as best to keep their families under shelter and feed.

Once William was discharged from jail, and found his family again, they moved to the North Island to start afresh. Sidney was accepted by William as his child and brought up with the other children.

Mary Anne Corlett and Francis Jennings Parham were partners c 1879 Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand .

     Research Note: c Dec 1881
After William was released from jail in Lyttleton, it appears that he went to seek his fortune on the gold fields of the West coast.
Then he and Mary have reunited.
They have then moved to the North Island to start a new life.
Sidney has always been known as a Corlett and part of William and Mary Ann's family, and a new child Eleanor was born in 1882.

Mary was present on the 1899 Electoral Roll Parkvale, Wairarapa, New Zealand , in the household of William Corlett.

CORLETT, William, Parkvale, farmer, residential
CORLETT, Mary Ann, Carterton, home duties, residential
CORLETT, Ann Jane, Parkvale, spinster, residential
CORLETT, Thomas, Carterton, labourer, residential.10

Mary died on 2 Sep 1923 at Parkvale, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand , at age 70 years

Mary Ann Corlett,
aged 71
Born IOM, in NZ 49 yrs
Parents: John Cowley and Jane Teare, Farmer
Living Males: 51; 49; 46; 43
Living Females: 47; 41.1,11

Mary's cause of death on 2 Sep 1923 was from Angina pectoris-10yrs
Acute heart failure-10hrs.

Mary was buried on 4 Sep 1923 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

ILMO Mary Ann
beloved wife of William Corlett
died 2nd Sept 1923 aged 71.12

Mary Ann Corlett

Mary Anne Corlett's estate was probated on 2 Nov 1923 at "Masterton Court", New Zealand ,

William Corlett gave details on the 26th day of October 1923.
Mary Anne was born in the IOM
Value was under £200
Stamp Duty paid £191-1-2
The Carterton Trust & Agency Coy Ltd, Carterton
Will Dated 31st July 1918

Last Will and Testament of me Mary Ann Corlett wife of William Corlett of Parkvale, Carterton, New Zealand, Farmer.
I give devise and bequeath all my real and personal property to my husband William Corlett and I appoint my said husband sole executor of this my will. as witness my hand this thirty first day of July 1918
M A Corlett
signed by the said Mary Ann Corlett as and for her last will and testament in the presence of us who in her presence at her request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses
George A Fairhbrother, Auctioneer, Carterton and Ruby Andrews, Auctioneers Clerk, Carterton.13

Mary and William had 7 Known Children.

Children of Mary Anne Cowley and William Corlett

Child of Mary Anne Cowley and Francis Jennings Parham

Father*John Cowley (1829 - 5 Jun 1900)
Mother*Jane Teare (c 1831 - 28 Dec 1906)


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