John Eaton

ID# 6514, (8 Apr 1836 - 24 Jun 1922)
John Eaton with Emma and 6 of their children
Moreton Road 1884
- "A History of Carterton"

John Eaton was born on 8 Apr 1836 at Reynoldston, Glamorganshire, Wales.

John Eaton was baptised on 8 May 1836 in Reynoldston, Glamorganshire, Wales,

John son of John & Agnes Eaton
Reynoldston, Labourer.1,2

John Eaton immigrated on 29 Jul 1857 from the Downs via the "Gleaner" to Wellington, New Zealand ,

"Gleaner" Arrived in Wellington 19 Nov 1857

Newspaper records for this ship only give the first class passenger names. Have not located a full shipping list to date, but it did bring out a large number of immigrants. 129 adults were Government Immigrants brought out by Messrs. Stuart Kinross & Co, in completion of their contract with the Provincial Government.3

John Eaton married Emma Hooper on 13 Sep 1862 at St Christs Church, Taita, Wellington, New Zealand ,

John Eaton , Full age, Labourer, Bachelor
Emma Hooper, Minor (18yrs), Servant, Spinster

John Eaton and Emma Hooper (X her mark)
Witnesses: George Henry Hirst (X his mark), Shoemaker, Taita
Felnia Annie Hooper (X her mark), Taita
George Hedge, Taita.4,5,3

John died on 24 Jun 1922 at Rexwood Street, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand , at age 86 years, 2 months and 16 days

Farmer, aged 86
Parents: John Eaton, Farmer & unknown Bevan.
Born Swansea, South Wales, in NZ 65 yrs.
Married at Taita Hutt, aged 26yrs to Emma Hooper who is now 78yrs.
Living issue: M: 59, 55, 52, 50 F: 57, 54, 49.4,6,3

John's cause of death on 24 Jun 1922 was from Myocardial degeneation - 12 yrs
General Oedema - 18mths
Oedema of Lungs - 21 Days.

John was buried on 27 Jun 1922 at Clareville Cemetery, Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,

ILMO John Eaton
born April 8 1836 died June 24 1922.
Emma Eaton
born Feb 13 1844 died Sept 4 1932 -
At Rest.
William Eaton
born Jan 9 1866 died April 17 1890
Elizabeth A Eaton
born June 10 1873 (1875) died Dec 7 1890
Ethel A W Eaton
born Feb 6 1889 died Dec 20 1893 (this is daughter of John Bevan Eaton).7

John and Emma Eaton Headstone
showing the other names on the left side
John and Emma Eaton Headstone

29 Jun 1922 John Eaton was mentioned in the "Hawera & Normanby Star", New Zealand , newspaper


Mr John Eaton, one of the pioneer settlers of the Wairarapa, died at his residence at Carterton at the age of 86 years. Born at Swansea, South Wales, Mr Eaton came to the Dominion in 1857, taking up land at Carterton and Kokotau. In his younger days he was a director of the Taratahi Dairy Company and the Parkvale Dairy Company, and was a member of the old Taratahi Road Board. The late Mr Eaton was for many years a steward of the Taratahi Racing Club, and took a big interest in sport, breeding several racehorses, which competed successfully in his name.8

John and Emma had 8 children.

     Research Note:
Assumations have been made at this stage regarding John Eaton's parents: who most likely are John Eaton and Agnes Bevan.

John's death certiificate in 1922, states his father was John Eaton and Mother ? Bevan.

Sherryl Harawira has been doing research on this side of her family and would love to be able to locate the correct proof that John Eaton and her GGGrandmother Jane Eaton where brother and sister and they were the children of John Eaton and Agnes Bevan from Wales.

If you have further information to help Sherryl please contact me regarding her email address or visit her family pages on Ancestry (Sherryl Jackson family tree) to make contact.

Children of John Eaton and Emma Hooper


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