Linda Myrtle Brown

ID# 4790, (1 Jul 1914 - 3 Nov 1981)

Linda Myrtle Brown was born on 1 Jul 1914 at Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

Parents: Alexander Thompson Brown & Sarah Ann Dockrill.1

Linda Myrtle Brown married Arthur Francis Fox, son of Alfred Ernest Fox and Frances Cain, in 1940 at Buller, Westcoast, New Zealand ,

marriage has Linda recorded as Myrtle Linda Brown.2

As of 1940,her married name was Fox.

Linda died on 3 Nov 1981 at Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand , at age 67 years, 4 months and 2 days.3

Linda was cremated in Nov 1981 at Salisbury Park, Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand .4

Linda and Arthur had 4 children, who are now living in Australia.5

Family: Linda Myrtle Brown and Arthur Francis Fox


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