Beatrice Cain

ID# 523, (28 Apr 1894 - 2 Feb 1903)

Beatrice Cain was born on 28 Apr 1894 at Revills Terrace, Kumara, Westcoast, New Zealand ,

Beatrice Cain
Parents: Thomas Edward Cain, Gold Miner, 42 yrs, IOM & Annie Maria Schaivi, 28yrs, South Spit

Thomas Edward Cain, Father, Revells Terrace was the informant of the birth.1,2

She was the daughter of Thomas Edward Cain and Anna Maria Schiavi.

Beatrice died on 2 Feb 1903 at Birchfield, Westcoast, New Zealand , at age 8 years, 9 months and 5 days

Beatrice Cain
Aged 8yrs.
Born Kumara
Parents: Thomas E Cain, Miner & Annie Maria Schaivi.1,3

Beatrice's cause of death on 2 Feb 1903 was from Actinomycosis 3 years and Marasmus 1 year
(Disease caused by the Ray fungus, causes swellings and ulcers around the mouth and Marasmus is a wasting away - would have been treated with Antibiotics today.).

Beatrice was buried on 3 Feb 1903 at Waimangaroa Cemetery, Waimangaroa, Westcoast, New Zealand ,

BURIAL: 3 Feb 1903
Beatrice Cain,
8 years, Methodist, of failure of heart, born Kumara - p.285.4

Father*Thomas Edward Cain (1852 - 9 May 1931)
Mother*Anna Maria Schiavi (7 Apr 1866 - 14 Aug 1945)


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