Carlo Schiavi

ID# 539, (c 1842 - 17 Aug 1912)

Carlo Schiavi was born c 1842 at Santa Maria, Di Ariano, Venice, Italy,

Many stories about his birth.

One he was the 3rd son who was suppose to join the priesthood which he did not want to do. He ran away and joined Garibaldi's Army.

One he was an orphan left on the church doorsteps and brought up by the church. A note is suppose to be left on him saying who his parents are.

One that he was the illegitimate child of the Italian King's sister (Savoy Royal Family) and was brought up by the Monstary. He escaped and changed his name to Schiavi, which means Slave Trader. Seemingly this was the type of ship he also came to NZ on.

Also a version on the above, that his mother was employed by a Nobleman and his family as a servant. She became pregnant to either the father or the son and had to leave her job. She met Pietro Schiavi ( A shipping Agent), they married. Carlos was a bit of a handful while growing up so was taken to the monastery where it was hoped that the Brothers might be able to straighten him out. Instead he ran away to sea.

No birth record has been located at this stage, nor can the names of his parents as listed on his marriage certificate to Rosanna be verified.

He was the son of Pelui Schiavi and Anna Maria Bolzvne.

Carlo Schiavi immigrated c 1862 from NSW possibly to, New Zealand ,

Stories in family say a variety of ways he arrived in NZ.

One, is that he was in Sydney when his friend was murdered, he did not want to be involved so jumped the next ship going to NZ. This was around 1862/63
Another story is that he did not want to be a preist being the 3rd son, or join the army, so ran away to sea and jumped off at NZ.
Another story is that he was on a ship to Australia, while there heard about the gold rushes in NZ and went to try his luck.
Also stories re he joined Garibali's Army but did not find it to his liking and left.

Carlo was naturalized on 11 May 1864 Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

Schedule of Person Resident in the Province of Canterbury, New Zealand, who are desirous of being declared to be Natural Born Subjects of Her Majestry within the Colony of New Zealand.

Carlo Schiavi,
Native of "Venice",
Boarding House Keeper,
Res: South Road Timaru,
May 11 1864, signed Carlo Schiavi

A Proclamation by Sir George Grey, Governor of NZ by "The Naturalization Act 1864" states:
Do hereby proclaim and declare that the person hereinafter mentioned shall come within the operation of that Act. etc.

Carlo Schiavi,
From the Eleventh day of May, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-Four,
Native of Venice,
Boarding House Keeper,
residence South Road, Timaru, in the Province of Canterbury.1,2

In 1865 Carlo's occupation Mariner.

Carlo Schiavi and Fanny Wallace applied for an Application to Marry on 9 Mar 1865 Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

Carlo Schiavi,
Bachelor, Mariner, aged 23,
lived at Timaru,
had been there for 9 mths.
Fanny Wallace,
a Spinster, Cook, aged 22,
lived at Timaru,
had been there for 1 year.

Date of Certificate 9 March 1865 and Date of Notice 31 March 1865.3

Carlo Schiavi married Fanny Wallace, daughter of William Wallace and Jane McFarlane, on 11 Mar 1865 at Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand ,

Carlo Schiavi,
Full age, Mariner,
Fanny Wallace,
Full age, Cook,

Witnesses were: John Overmyer, Builder, Timaru; Chapman Jacobs, Watch Maker, Timaru; and Margaret McKenzie, Timaru.1,4

Carlo recorded the birth of Anna Maria Schiavi on 7 Apr 1866 South Spit, Hokitika, Westcoast, New Zealand ,

Anna Maria Schiavi
Parents: Carlos Schiavi, Boatman and Fanny Wallis

Carlos Schiavi, Boatman, Hokitika, was the informant of the birth.1,5

As of 1868,Carlo Schiavi was also known as Charles Schiavi.

Charles Schiavi was on the 1875 Electoral Roll Hokitika, Westcoast, New Zealand ,

Schiavi, Charles, South Spit, Household, South Spit, Hokitika District.6

Charles Schiavi was on the 1876 Directory.

SCHEAVI, Charles, South Spit.7

Charles Schiavi was on the 1878 Directory.

Schiavi, Chas, fisherman, Beach Street, Hokitika.8

Charles Schiavi was on the 1883 Directory.

Schiavi, Charles, Fisherman, Beach Street, Hokitika.9

Charles witnessed the marriage of Thomas Edward Cain and Anna Maria Schiavi on 24 Mar 1883 the Residence of C Schiavi, Kumara, Westcoast, New Zealand .1,10

Charles Schiavi was on the 1887 Electoral Roll Kumara, Westcoast, New Zealand ,

Schaivie, Charles, residential, Kumara, miner.11

Carlo Schiavi was on the 1893 Electoral Roll Dargaville, Bay of Islands, New Zealand ,

SCHIARI Chavlo, Residential, Gumdigger, Dargaville Bay of Islands.12

Charles Schiavi and Rosannah Roberts had a marriage notice on 1 Dec 1900 in the "Ohinemuri Gazette", New Zealand ,


Mr "Charlie" Schiavi, the well known fish vendor, was joined in the holy bonds of matrimony yesteday "Charlie" was got up regardless of expense, and had a "biled shirt". The bride was given away by her father, Mr David Roberts.

Defination of "Biled Shirt" (Their dress consists invariably of a well-laundered "biled" (white) shirt, huge diamond stud in front, no collar or tie, perhaps a silk handkerchief tied loosely round the neck, and an open unbuttoned waistcoat.)

"Note: the marriage did not take place until on the marriage certificate 3rd Dec, yet the paper is dated 1 Dec 1900. So did the marriage actually take place early than what is recorded on the certificate ??"13

Charles Schiavi married Rosannah Roberts, daughter of David Roberts and Martha Perrott, on 3 Dec 1900 at In the house of the Brides Parents, Cambridge, Waikato, New Zealand ,

Charles Schiavi,
55, Fish Dealer, Widower,
born Venice Italy,
Res: Paeroa
Parents: Pelu Schiavi, Shipping Agent & Anna Maria Bolzvne
Rose Annie Roberts,
26, Domestic Duties, Spinster,
born New Plymouth,
Res: Wanganui
Parents: David Roberts, Labourer & Martha Parrett

Witnesses were: Thomas Smith, Paeroa & Thomas Dudly, Cambridge

(Carlos was actually aged 58 and was not a widower as Frances was still alive on the Westcoast).1,14

Charles Schiavi was on the 1905 Electoral Roll Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Rosannah

Schiavi, Charles, York Terrace, Onehunga, fisherman.
Schiavi, Rosanna, York Terrace, Onehunga, married.15

Charles Schiavi was on the 1906 Directory.

Schiavi, Chas, Fisherman, York Tce, Onehunga.
(David Roberts also lived in York Tce).16

Carlo was naturalized on 13 Sep 1906 Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

In 1906 Charlo Schivai applied for naturalisation papers again.

Letter from the Police Station, Onehunga dated 26 April 1906.
Reports that enquires have been made on Carlo Schiavi, he was naturalised in Timaru some forty years ago but lost his papers. He was married to a European woman and has 4 children. Been in Onehunga for about two years and during that time he is well behaved, honest and hard working.

The Memorial Charlo needed to fill out states:
Charlo Schiavi,
of Onehunga, Fisherman
Aged 65 years
Born: Santa Maria Di Ariano Itaylia
He has resided in NZ for 44 years

John Rowe, JP, stated as a character reference, he had known him for two years, and I have seen him following his occupation as Fisherman in Onehunga and can say he is steady and industrtious.
dated 7 April 1906

Letters sent and Notice to Gazette 13 Sept 1906
Gazetted 20 Sept 1906.1,17

Charles Schiavi was on the 1909 Directory.

Schiavi, Chas, Fisherman, York Ter, Onehunga.
(on the alpha index but not the street directory).18

Charles Schiavi was on the 1911 Electoral Roll Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Rosannah

Schiavi, Charles, Manukau Road, fisherman,
Schiavi, Rosanna, Manukau Road, married.19

Charles died on 17 Aug 1912 at Costley Home, Epsom, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

Charles or Carlo Schiava
Gardener, aged 72
Born Italy, in NZ 39 years
Parents: Charles Schiava, Gardener (no mother recorded)
1st Marriage: Italy; no names or children
2nd Marriage: Cambridge, aged 55 to Rosanna Roberts, aged 34.
Living Issue: M: 12, 9, 6, F: 1

(Carlo surname is registered as SCHIAVA, length of time in NZ was wrong and first marriage was in NZ with still living issue).1,20

Charles's cause of death on 17 Aug 1912 was from Senile Decary - years
Cardiac failure.

Carlo was buried on 20 Aug 1912 at Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

Said to be buried in the paupers graves at Waikumete. There is no headstone and have been told the spot is very overgrown and would be difficult to locate correct area, But the Burial is registered in this Cemetery

aged 72, Gardener.21

Charles Schiavi was on the bt 1913 - 1946 Directory.

Schiavi, Chas,
fisherman, York Tce, Onehunga

appears on the alpha indexes but not the street directory.
In 1918 York Tce becomes Newsome St.22

Children of Carlo Schiavi and Fanny Wallace

Children of Carlo Schiavi and Rosannah Roberts

Father*Pelui Schiavi (c 1820 - )
Mother*Anna Maria Bolzvne (c 1822 - )


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