Charles William Schiavi

ID# 544, (28 Sep 1901 - 17 Aug 1974)

Charles's occupation Farmer.

Charles William Scharvi was born on 28 Sep 1901 at Paeroa, Auckland, New Zealand ,

1 October 1963 changed his name by Deed Poll to SCHARVI
Birth registration online shows up when Scharvi and Schiavi is entered.
Parents: Charles and Rosana Schiavi.1,2

He was the son of Carlo Schiavi and Rosannah Roberts.

Charles William Schiavi was baptised on 11 Nov 1905 in Church of The Assumption, Onehunga, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

Baptism record. Priest Gulielmus H Mahoney. Event date 11 Nov 1905, No 537. Carolus Gulielmus SCHIARI, Father Caroli SCHIARI, Mother Rosannae SCHIARI maiden name ROBERTS. Date of birth 14 Sept 1901.3

Charles William Schiavi married Kate Elizabeth Neill, daughter of Harriet Collins, on 8 Feb 1923 at Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand ,

Elizabeth was a widow aged 33 with 6 children when she married Charles. Under the surname of Neill.4,5

Charles William Scharvi was on the 1928 Directory.

SCHARVI, C, Putaruru.6

Charles William Scharvi was on the 1934 Directory.

SCHARVI, C, Putaruru.7

Charles William Scharvi was on the 1940 Directory.

SCHARVI, C W, Takanini.8

Charles William Scharvi was on the 1946 Directory.

SCHARVI, C W, Takanini.9

Charles William Scharvi was on the 1953 Directory.

SCHARVI, C W, Takanini.10

On 1 Oct 1963 his name was legally changed to Charles William Scharvi
Name changed by Deed Poll and recorded on Birth certificate.

Charles William Scharvi was on the 1966 Electoral Roll Manurewa, Auckland, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Elizabeth

SCHARVI, Charles William, 69 Great South Rd, Manurewa, groundsman
SCHARVI, Elizabeth Kate, 69 Great South Rd, housewife.11

Charles died on 17 Aug 1974 at Middlemore Public Hospital, Otahuhu, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand , at age 72 years, 10 months and 20 days

From 69 Great South Road, Manurewa - Farmer.1,12

Charles's cause of death on 17 Aug 1974 was from Myocardial infarction - 1 week
Cardiogenic shock.

Charles was buried on 19 Aug 1974 at Mangere Cemetery, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

SCHARVI Charles William - 73yrs, d 17 Aug bur 19Aug 1974 - birthplace unknown
Elizabeth Kate - 97yrs, d 7 Jan bur 10 Jan 1986 - birthplace unknown
Norman L - 21yrs - d 5 Feb bur 8 Feb 1972 - b Otahuhu
Mervyn G - 16yrs.13

Children of Charles William Schiavi and Elizabeth Kate Warrington

Father*Carlo Schiavi (c 1842 - 17 Aug 1912)
Mother*Rosannah Roberts (19 Jul 1874 - 5 Mar 1959)


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