Leo David Schiavi

ID# 545, (1903 - 22 Jul 1963)

Leo's occupation Labourer.

Leo David Schiavi was also known as Leo David Scharvi.

Leo David Schiavi was born in 1903 at Coromandal, Auckland, New Zealand .1

He was the son of Carlo Schiavi and Rosannah Roberts.

Leo David Schiavi was baptised on 11 Nov 1905 in Church of the Assumption, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand ,

Priest, Gulielmus H Mahoney
Event Date 11 Nov 1905, No 538
Leo SCHIARI, Father Caroli SCHIARI, Mother Rosannae SCHIARI, maiden name ROBERTS.2

Leo was present on the 1925 Electoral Roll Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand , in the household of Arthur George McLean.

Auckland Central:
McLEAN, Rose Anna, 70 Wellington St, married - removed
Auckland East:
McLEAN, Arthur George, St Paul St, bootmaker - removed
Grey Lynn:
SCHARVI, Leo David, 4 Dominion Rd, labourer
WARRINGTON, William John, 4 Dominion Rd, labourer
WARRINGTON, Eva Ruth, 4 Dominion Rd, married
Sup 1:
McLEAN, Arthur George, 4 Dominion Rd, bootmaker
McLEAN, RoseAnna, 4 Dominion Rd, married

(again a time of movment in addresses for the family).3

Leo was present on the 1931 Electoral Roll Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand , in the household of Rosannah McLean.

Auckland Central:
SCHIAVI, Leo David, 3 Macauley St, Labourer
Auckland East:
McLEAN, Rose Anna, 15 Airedale St, widow
Sup 1:
SCHARVI, Leo David, 15 Airedale St, Labourer.4

Leo was present on the 1949 Electoral Roll Arch Hill, Auckland, New Zealand , in the household of Eva Ruth Bajomey.

BAJOMEY, Eva Ruth, 11 Leighton St, married
McLEAN, Rosanna, 20 Dacre St, widow - this is changed on the 1951 roll to 11 Leighton St.
SCHARVI, Leo David, 20 Dacre St, labourer - this changed in 1951 to 11 Leighton St
WARRINGTON, Frederick William, 11 Leighton St, airman
WARRINGTON, Lorna Isabella, 11 Leighton St, married.5

Leo died on 22 Jul 1963 at Cornwall Public Geriatric Hospital, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand , at age 60 years

From 11 Leighton Street, Ponsonby, Auckland
Recorded under both Schiavi and Scharvi.6,7

Leo's cause of death on 22 Jul 1963 was from Faecal peritonitis - 1 hours
Carcinoma of the stomach with secondaries, peritoneal cavity, liver, spleen, one kidney - 3 months.

Leo was buried on 24 Jul 1963 at Mangere Public Lawn Cemetery, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand ,

SCHIAVI Leo David - 60yrs, d 22 Jul bur 24 Jul 1963 - b Coromandel.8
Father*Carlo Schiavi (c 1842 - 17 Aug 1912)
Mother*Rosannah Roberts (19 Jul 1874 - 5 Mar 1959)


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