William John Warrington

ID# 3496, (20 Aug 1893 - 15 Jan 1963)

William John Warrington was born on 20 Aug 1893 at Wickham, Rumboldswhyke, Westhampnet, Sussex, England,

Rego District: Westhampnet, Subdistrict: Whyke, County: Sussex.
Registered by father Harry Warrington, Father, Wickham, Rumboldswhyke by his X mark on the 12th Sept 1893.1

He was the son of Harriet Collins.

William John Warrington married Eva Ruth Crane, daughter of Rosannah Roberts, in 1920 at Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand ,

Under the surname of CRANE, Eva Ruth.2

William was present on the 1925 Electoral Roll Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand , in the household of Arthur George McLean.

Auckland Central:
McLEAN, Rose Anna, 70 Wellington St, married - removed
Auckland East:
McLEAN, Arthur George, St Paul St, bootmaker - removed
Grey Lynn:
SCHARVI, Leo David, 4 Dominion Rd, labourer
WARRINGTON, William John, 4 Dominion Rd, labourer
WARRINGTON, Eva Ruth, 4 Dominion Rd, married
Sup 1:
McLEAN, Arthur George, 4 Dominion Rd, bootmaker
McLEAN, RoseAnna, 4 Dominion Rd, married

(again a time of movment in addresses for the family).3

William and Eva were divorced on 16 Sep 1929 Supreme Court of NZ, Northern District, Auckland, New Zealand ;
Divorce papers of Eva Ruth Warrington and William John Warrington, No: 84/29
Eva Ruth Warrington (Petitioner), William John Warrington (Respondent). Decree Absolute 16th Spet 1929
It's noted as copied;
FOTH FURTHER ORDER that the question of custody of Frederick William Warrington, Stanley Warrington and Joseph Warrington the childrren of the said marriage be and the same is hereby reserved.1

William John Warrington was on the 1949 Electoral Roll Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand ,

WARRINGTON, William John, Cornwall Hospital, no occupation.4

William died on 15 Jan 1963 at Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand , at age 69 years, 4 months and 26 days.5

William was buried in Jan 1963 at Waikaraka Cemetery, Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand ,

In LMO William John WARRINGTON and Eva Ruth BAJOMEY loved parents of Frederick, Stanley & Joseph
(Parkinson & Bouskill)

Burial Register: WARRINGTON, William John, Died 15 Jan 1963, aged 65, born England, W4 240.6

Children of William John Warrington and Eva Ruth Roberts

Mother*Harriet Collins (6 Nov 1867 - )


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