Mary Yates

ID# 6678, (1861 - 12 Jul 1945)

Mary Yates was born in 1861 at Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand ,

Parents: Henry and Agnes Bell Yates.1

She was the daughter of Henry Yates and Agnes Bell Haigh.
As of 28 Nov 1882,her married name was Hare.

Mary Yates married Ernest Beauchamp Hare on 28 Nov 1882 at Masterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand ,


On the 28th inst, at St Matthew's Church, by the Rev. W E Paige, Ernest Beauchamp, fourth son of R Hare, Upper Plain, Masterton to Mary, second daughter of the late Henry Yates, of Masterton.

A wedding this mornig at St Matthew's Church attracted numerous visitors. The bridegroom was Mr E Hare, of the firm of Rapp and Hare, and the bride Miss Yates, a member of the Church Choir. The service was conducted by the Rev Mr Paige, and Mrs Paige kindly assisted by playing a Wedding March.
The dress of the bride was French grey shot, trimmed with old gold, satin and lace, and ribbon to match. She wore also a cream bonnet, trimmed with pale pink roses and orange blossoms. There were no less than six bridesmaids, three of whom were sisters of the bride. The Misses Lizzie, Agnes, and Annie Yates were dressed in fawn colored poplinette, trimmed with satin to match, and ecre lace. The other three were daughters of the Hon Walter Johnston, The Misses Sydney and Ella Johnston were dressed in white, with dark green sashes, and hats to match. Miss Zoe Johnston was dressed in white, with a white plush hat. Four Masters Johnstons acted as pages, Master Adam Johnston was dressed in white serge, trimmed with pale blue ribbon. Master Oswald in a navy blue velvet suit trimmed with lace, and Master Walter and Goring Johnston were dressed in black velvet suits. The bride was given away by her uncle, Mr George Haigh. The bridal broquets were of white roses and orange blossoms.2,3

Mary died on 12 Jul 1945 at Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand , at age 84 years.4

Mary was cremated on 14 Jul 1945 at Karori Cemetery, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand .5

Mary's death notice appeared on 14 Jul 1945 in the "Evening Post", New Zealand ,


On July 12, 1945, at Wellington, Mary, widow of Ernest Beauchamp Hare, 9 Lerwick Tce, Lyall Bay.
Privately cremated today.6

Family: Mary Yates and Ernest Beauchamp Hare

Father*Henry Yates (30 Dec 1832 - 18 Jan 1872)
Mother*Agnes Bell Haigh (25 Feb 1839 - 7 Nov 1920)


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