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Descendants of the SCHIAVI FAMILY



I have to describe this part as descendants of Carlos Schiavi, as we have so far very very little information about his past or parents.

There are many stories about Carlos handed down via his children, I have left details of all of these stories under his own personal profile.

Carlos was a very intriguing person to do research on.

He made a life for himself with wife Fanny Wallace, and his first two children; Anna Maria and William, on the Westcoast of NZ, and then another family of 5 children with his second wife Rosannah Roberts, in Auckland.


Carlos and Fanny separated; sometime between 1887 - 1893. We have not at this stage found any official divorce papers, and do not know the full story.


But Carlos started a new life up in Auckland, and went on to marry Rosannah Roberts in 1900. He stated on his marriage certificate that he was a widower, and listed his parents as Pelu Schiavi, a Shipping Agent and Anna Maria Bolzvne. (this is the only official record of his parents names we have so far). Carlos also stated he was only 55 years old, where in fact he was 58yr old, and Rose Annie or Rosannah was only 26yrs.

Rosannah had 5 children under the Schiavi name.

Carlos or Charles, always worked in the shipping industry, whether it was a  Mariner, Boatman or Fisherman, he belonged to the sea. And his photo shows it.

Carlos died in 1912, and is buried in the Waikumete Cemetery, Auckland. There is no headstone or grave marker. Times and money would have been difficult around this time, and Rosannah had the children to consider and bring up. She would have found it difficult to find funds for the burial fees.

The name Schiavi has been spelt many different ways over the years in the various indexes etc, and his sons Charles and George changed the spelling of the surname to SCHARVI.


This site is also needed lots of updating, photos to be added and acknowledgements made to the people who have helped with information on Carlos and his family. To them I am thankful, even if you name has not yet been mentioned, it will be once this part of the site has been updated.