Adam James Fairholm Gibson Scott

#351, (21 Jun 1894 - 29 Jan 1953)
     Adam James Fairholm Gibson Scott was born on 21 Jun 1894 at New Row, Forth, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

At 11.30pm

Parents: Adam Scott, Roadsman & Marion Scott MS Fairholm
Married: 23 March 1888, Forth

Adam Scott, Father was present at his birth.1,2

He was the son of Adam Scott and Marion Pickard Farm.

Adam James Fairholm Gibson Scott was also known as Adam Gibson Scott
Adam only used Adam Gibson SCOTT when signing his name on all offical documents located so far.

Adam appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of Adam Scott at Provident Place, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT, Adam, Head, M, 38, Watch Maker & Hawker, Own Account, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Marion, Wife, M, 33, Watch Maker & Hawker Wife, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Robert, Son, 12, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Annie, Dau, 8, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Adam, Son, 6, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Neil, Son, 3 months, Bothwell, Lanark
SCOTT, James, Brother, S, 22, Coal Miner, Worker, Forth, Lanark.3

Adam appeared on the 1911 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1911 in the household of Adam Scott at Provident Building, Tannochside, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT Adam, Head, 48, Mar, Pit Headman, Colliery, Worker, Carnwath Lanark
SCOTT Marion, Wife, 43, Mar, married 23yrs, 5 children, 4 living, Sub PostMistress, Worker, At home, Carnwath
SCOTT Annie, Dau, 18, Single, Assistant PostMistress, Worker, At Home, Carnwath
SCOTT Adam, Son, 16, Single, Clerk, Colliery, Worker, Carnwath
SCOTT Neil, Son, 10, School, Carnwath.4

Adam began Military Service bt 1914 - 1920

Royal Fied Artillery Reg No 776622 Gunner
Royal Air Force Reg No 143547, Gunner
Victory & British Medal

1918: Air Force No 143547, SCOTT A G, Wlrss Op Lnr, A Mech 3, New Rank in Air Force Private 2, Date of last Promotion 5/2/18
Air Force Pay, 1s 6d, Terms of Enlistment D W
Pg 227.5,6

Adam James Fairholm Gibson Scott married Joan Patrick, daughter of William Patrick and Joan Wilson, in 1917 at Northampton, Northamptonshire, England,

Located in England, maybe where Adam was based for the war.7

Adam Gibson Scott immigrated on 4 Aug 1922 from Liverpool via the "Dorset" to Dunedin, New Zealand , also on board were listed Joan and Marion

Ticket No 374
SCOTT Adam G, 51 Prince Albert St Glasgow, 3rd class, to Dunedin, Steel tester, aged 28, Born Scotland, to New Zealand
SCOTT Joan, 30
SCOTT Marion F, 3.8

Adam Gibson Scott was on the 1925 Electoral Roll Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Joan

SCOTT, Adam Gibson, 12 Swan Street, Bond Keeper
SCOTT, Joan, 12 Swan Street, married.9

Adam Gibson Scott was on the 1926 Directory.

SCOTT, Adam G, storeman, 12 Swan Street, Dunedin.10

Adam Gibson Scott was on the 1928 Directory.

SCOTT, Adam G, Storeman, 12 Swan Street, Dunedin.11

Adam Gibson Scott was on the 1928 Electoral Roll Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Joan and William

SCOTT Adam Gibson, 12 Swan St, bondkeeper
SCOTT Joan, 12 Swan St, married
PATRICK William, 12 Swan St, retired.12

Adam Gibson Scott was on the 1931 Electoral Roll Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Joan and William

SCOTT, Adam Gibson, 365 Leith Street, Bondkeeper
SCOTT, Joan, 365 Leith Street, married
PATRICK, William, 365 Leith Street, retired

This must have been the time when they moved from Swan Street to Leith Street, as Joan is recorded on the Electoral Roll at both addresses, but with an amendment to the address at 12 Swan Street.13

     Research Note: c 1934
There is no further record of Adam appearing on any NZ PO Directories or Electoral Rolls after the ones in 1931. It is most likely about this time that he returned to Scotland and remained there until he died.

Adam Gibson Scott recorded Annie Forrest Scott's death on 16 Jul 1948 Royal Infirmary, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,
From 349 Old Edinburgh Road, Tannochside at 1.55am aged 55 years.

The Informant was A G SCOTT, her brother, 349 Old Edinburgh Road, Tannochside.14

Adam died on 29 Jan 1953 at 2154 Gairloch Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland , at age 58 years, 7 months and 8 days

at 1.50 PM
Adam Scott, Electrical Engineer
(Married to Joan ----)
Aged 58yrs.
Parents: Adam Scott, Coalminer (dec) & Marion Pickard Scott MS Fairholm (dec)

John Fairholm, Uncle, 4 Percy Street, Stanley, Perthshire was the informant.1,15

Adam's cause of death on 29 Jan 1953 was from Cerebral Arterio Sclerosis
Cardiac Failure - 6 days.

Adam developed an illness,

The pain is located over the eye and about the temple. If the pain takes the sensation of a nail driven into the head in these localities it is called clavus. hemicrania, megrim or sick headache, is not acknowledged by all authorities as a form of neuralgia, neither is it settled whether disturbances of the stomach or intestinal canal have any causal relation thereto. It is marked by periodical attacks, coming on during youth and early manhood, increasing in severity and frequency in age, and especially after the change of life, tending to diminish or entirely disappear. An attack may come on without any obvious cause, or after a delay, or after any of the causes which have been mentioned in speaking of neuralgia in general. It is usually ushered in by general uneasiness and malaise, dizziness, disturbed vision, and chilliness. The pain speedily becomes intense, sharp and lancinating, occupying one half of the front and side of the skull. There are two points where pain is usually most severe, and to which it may indeed be confined -- over the eye and on one side of the head, in the neighbourhood of the parietal eminence. The pain usually increases to such an extent that the patient is compelled to take to bed, suffering from extreme nervous depression. Finally when it has reached its height, nause and vomiting ensue, followed by sleep, from which the patient awakes, without the pain, but complaining of some superficial tenderness and considerable malaise.

Taken from - Domestic Medical Practice
Diseases of the Nervous system, page 1128.

Adam and Joan had 4 children, 1 still living.

Father*Adam Scott (9 Jun 1862 - 6 Jun 1926)
Mother*Marion Pickard Farm (25 Apr 1867 - 17 Apr 1946)

Children of Adam James Fairholm Gibson Scott and Joan Patrick


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