James Gibson Scott

#2622, (12 Feb 1879 - 4 Aug 1937)
James Gibson Scott
photo courtsey of Linda Scott
     James Gibson Scott was born on 12 Feb 1879 at Forth, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

James Gibson Scott
At 11pm

Parents: Robert Scott, Coal Miner & Agnes Scott MS Gibson
Married: 20th June 1854, Forth Carnwath

Robert Scott, Father was present at his birth.1,2

He was the son of Robert Scott and Agnes Gibson.

James appeared on the 1881 Scottish Census of 3 Apr 1881 in the household of Robert Scott at Forth, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT, Robert, Head, Coal Miner, M, 51, M, Carstairs, Lanark
SCOTT, Agnes, Wife, M 46, F, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, William, Son, Miner, U,20,M, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, Adam, Son, Miner, U,18, M, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, Catherine, Dau, Scholar, 12, F, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, Marrion, Dau, Scholar,10, F, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, Robert, Son, Scholar, 7, M, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, Agnes, Dau, Scholar, 5, M, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, Janet, Dau, Scholar, 4, F, Carnwath, Lanark
SCOTT, James G, Son, 2, M, Carnwath, Lanark.3

James appeared on the 1891 Scottish Census of 5 Apr 1891 in the household of Adam Scott at No 5 Wilsontown Terrace, Wilsontown, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT, Adam, Head, Mar, 28, Coalminer & Watchmaker, employed, born Lanarkshire, Forth, 2 rooms with windows.
SCOTT, Marion, Wife, Mar, 23, born Lanarkshire, Wilsontown.
SCOTT, Robert, Son, 2, born Lanarkshire, Forth
SCOTT, James F G, Son, 1, born Lanarkshire, Forth
SCOTT, James G, Brother, unknown age ?, born Lanarkshire, Forth.4

James appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of Adam Scott at Provident Place, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT, Adam, Head, M, 38, Watch Maker & Hawker, Own Account, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Marion, Wife, M, 33, Watch Maker & Hawker Wife, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Robert, Son, 12, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Annie, Dau, 8, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Adam, Son, 6, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Neil, Son, 3 months, Bothwell, Lanark
SCOTT, James, Brother, S, 22, Coal Miner, Worker, Forth, Lanark.5

James Gibson Scott married Agnes Fairholm, daughter of James Ferme and Ann Weir Forrest, on 12 Jun 1903 at Royal Buildings Hall, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

After Publication, according the the Banns of the Evangeliest Union Church.

James Gibson Scott, Coal Miner, Bachelor, aged 24
Usual Res: Provident Place, Thornwood,
Parents:Robert Scott, Coal Miner (dec) & Agnes Scott MS Gibson (dec)
Agnes Fairholm, Spinster, aged 22
Usual Res: Church Place, Uddingston.
Parents: James Fairholm, Caol Miner & Ann Fairholm MS Forrest

Witnesses: Robert Scott and Jeanie Aitchison Gillon Fairholm.1,6

James Gibson Scott witnessed the birth of Robert Scott on 14 Jan 1906 Millerfield, Crofthead Street, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

Robert Scott
at 0.45am

Parents: James Scott, Coal Miner & Agnes Scott MS Fairholm
Married: June 12th 1903, Uddingston

James Scott, Father was present at his birth.1,7

James Gibson Scott immigrated on 10 Aug 1906 from Liverpool via "SS Cymric" to Boston, USA, also on board were listed Agnes and Robert

" SS Cymic " Left Liverpool Aug 10 1906 and arrived Boston Aug 19 1906

No 98939
SCOTT James, 27, M, M, Miner, Scotland, last res Uddingston, final Dest Hampton Falls NH,
passage paid by self and had more than $50 in possession, never been before to the US,
to friend John Brown Box 63, Hampton Falls NH, health good
SCOTT Agnes, 25, F, M, Wife,
SCOTT Robert, 5 months, M, S, Infant.8

James Gibson Scott was on the 1908 Directory.

SCOTT James, Oiler, 25 Bow Street
BROWN John, Water Tender, 25 Bow Street.9

James's occupation
Salvation Army Officer

James and Agnes became part of the Salvation Army while in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. They became Officers.
Their first corps appointment was Saco, Maine.
Linda's parents also were Salvation Army officers, and she has ascertained that they all worshipped in the same building in Portsmouth.9

Portsmouth NH Salvation Army Building
Photo courstey Linda Scott

James appeared on the 1910 USA Census of 23 Apr 1910 at 193 Lundal Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA, also listed in the household was Agnes, Robert and John ;
SCOTT James G, Head, M, White, 30, M,born Scot-England, parents Scot- England, immigrated 1907, occupation Head Officer, Salvation Army
SCOTT Agnes, Wife, F, W, 25, M, born Scot-England, parents Scot-England, immigrated 1907, no occupation
SCOTT Robert, Son, M, W, 4, S, born Scot-England, parents Scot-England, immigrated 1907
BROWN John, Brother in law, M, W, 35, M, born Scot-England, parents Scot- England, immigrated 1906, occupation Labour, Gas Company.10

James Gibson Scott was listed, along with James Gibson Scott, on a passenger list dated 6 Jun 1914 going arrived from New York via "Olympic" to Southampton, England,

2 and half pages of Salvation Army families going back to England altogether. Was it for a conference ?

SCOTT James, 35
SCOTT Mrs, 33
SCOTT Robt, child, 8
SCOTT Franklin, Child, 2.11

James Gibson Scott was listed, along with James Gibson Scott, on a passenger list dated 31 Jul 1914 going from Glasgow via the "SS Numidian" to Boston, USA ,

Sailed from Glasgow 31 July 1914 arrived Boston Massachusetts 11 Aug 1914.

SCOTT James G, 35, Mar, Captain Salvation Army, born Scotland, Last permant Res: Holyoke Mass, Nearest Relative: Bro Adam Scott, Tannochisdie PO Uddingston
Going to Holyoake Massachusetts.
SCOTT Agnes, 32, Wfie
SCOTT Robt, 8, Son
SCOTT Ferrholm, 2, Son, born USA.12

James Gibson Scott married Minnie D Hanton in 1916 at Massachusetts, USA.

James appeared on the 1920 USA Census of 10 Jan 1920 at 818 Church St, Beaver Falls, Beaver, Pennsylvania, USA, also listed in the household was Minnie ;
SCOTT, James G, Head, Renting,40, all details re parentage etc Scotland, Officer in Salvation Army
SCOTT, Minnie D, Wife, 21, from Camada
SCOTT, James G, Son, 8, born Maine
SCOTT, Henry B, Son, 2yrs 4mths, born Massachuetts
SCOTT, Albert P, Son, 1yr 3mths, born Massachuetts.13

James appeared on the 1930 USA Census of 25 Apr 1930 at 40 Concord St, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA, also listed in the household was Minnie ;
SCOTT James G, Head, Renting, $40 per month rent, has Radio, 51, Married aged 24, Scottish background, immigration 1908, Officer Salvation Army
SCOTT Minne, Wife, 32, Canada - English, immigration 190f4
SCOTT James Jnr, Son, 18, Maine, Chauffeur Salvation Army
SCOTT Albert, Son, 11, Massachuetts
SCOTT Clifford, Son, 9, Pennsylvania
SCOTT Lloyd, Son, 6, Massachuetts
CHUTE Alice, Lodger, 17, Maine, Housekeeper, Private Family.14

James and Minnie D Scott posed for a photo in 1937.
James Gibson Scott on vaction in 1937, Salem New Hampshire
photo courtsey of Linda Scott

James died on 4 Aug 1937 at Salem, New Hampshire, USA, at age 58 years, 5 months and 23 days

Died while on a family vaction in Salem.

James Gibson SCOTT
4 Aug 1937
Salem, Rockingham, New Hampshire
Parents: Robert Scott and Ann Scott MS Gibson
Spouse: Minnie D Harton
FHL Film No: 2130847

James Gibson Scott, at 37 No Salem Rd, Salem
Residence for 3 months, previous res: 206 B'way Lawrence
Aged 57yrs, 5months, 21 days. born Forth Scotland, 14 Feb 1880.
Salvation Army Officer
Parents: Robert Scott and Agnes Scott MS Gibson
Wife Minnie D Hanton.1,15,9,16

James's cause of death on 4 Aug 1937 was from Angina Pectoris
Coronary Occlusion 3 days
Over exertion while swimming

Linda has been advised that James suffered two heart attacks, one during the day while playing with his boys in the water, and another that night in which he passed away.17

James was buried on 6 Aug 1937 at Forest Hill Cemetery, Derry, New Hampshire, USA.

James and Agnes had 2 children - sons.

James and Minnie had 5 children - 4 boys and 1 girl.

Father*Robert Scott (7 May 1829 - 14 Jun 1882)
Mother*Agnes Gibson (16 Sep 1834 - 12 Jul 1886)

Child of James Gibson Scott and Agnes Farm

Family: James Gibson Scott and Minnie D Hanton


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