Robert Scott

#350, (2 Jan 1889 - 26 Aug 1967)
     Robert's occupation Motor Mechanic.

Robert Scott was born on 2 Jan 1889 at Forth, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

At 2pm

Adam Scott, Father was present at the birth.1,2

He was the son of Adam Scott and Marion Pickard Farm.

Robert Scott was baptised on 1 Jan 1890 in Forth & Wilsonton Free Church, Lanark, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

the child named on the other side was baptised by me on Jan 1 1890,
John Law, Minister, Forth & Wilsonton Free Church, Lanark
(details recorded on the back of his birth certificate).3

Robert appeared on the 1891 Scottish Census of 5 Apr 1891 in the household of Adam Scott at No 5 Wilsontown Terrace, Wilsontown, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT, Adam, Head, Mar, 28, Coalminer & Watchmaker, employed, born Lanarkshire, Forth, 2 rooms with windows.
SCOTT, Marion, Wife, Mar, 23, born Lanarkshire, Wilsontown.
SCOTT, Robert, Son, 2, born Lanarkshire, Forth
SCOTT, James F G, Son, 1, born Lanarkshire, Forth
SCOTT, James G, Brother, unknown age ?, born Lanarkshire, Forth.4

Robert appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of Adam Scott at Provident Place, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT, Adam, Head, M, 38, Watch Maker & Hawker, Own Account, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Marion, Wife, M, 33, Watch Maker & Hawker Wife, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Robert, Son, 12, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Annie, Dau, 8, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Adam, Son, 6, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Neil, Son, 3 months, Bothwell, Lanark
SCOTT, James, Brother, S, 22, Coal Miner, Worker, Forth, Lanark.5

Robert Scott immigrated on 18 Jul 1910 from Glasgow via the " SS Numidian" to Boston, USA ,

SCOTT Robt, 21, M, Single, Marine Engineer, Scotch, Uddingston, Father, Adam Scott Tannochside Uddingston - going to Haverhill Mass
Paid ticket self, had $15,
relative Uncle, James G Scott, 90 Londall St, Haverhill,
fair hair and skin, blue eyes, 5ft 10in, born Wilsontown, Scotland.6

Robert Scott married Janet Love, daughter of James Lundles Love and Jane Gordon, on 12 Apr 1912 at Portland, Maine, USA,

Robert Scott & Janet Love
Res: Tannochside Scotland & Shettleston Scotland
Both aged 23, White, Born Scotland, 1st marriage and both Single
Robert listed as a Machinist & Janet as At Home
Intention Filed: March 15, 1912, Married by John M Artirs, Clergyman, Portland
Parents: Adam G Scott, Jeweller & Marion P Fairholm, in Scotland
James Love, Mining contractor & Jeanie Gordon, Housewife, in Scotland.1,7

Robert Scott immigrated on 28 Jul 1923 from Glasgow via " SS Assyria" to New York, USA , also on board were listed Janet

SCOTT Robert, 35, M, Married, Marine Engineer, English, Scotch, from Bellshill, Father Adam Scott, Post Office Tannochside Uddingston, - to Kearney NJ, ticket paid by self, in possession of $600, previous year of arrival 1910 (crossed out) 1914, Portland,relative Brother in law, James Love, 262 Kearney Ave, Kearney, NJ, coming Permantly, fair hair and skin, blue eyes, 5ft 10ins, born Forth Scotland
SCOTT Janet Love, 35, F, M, Housewife, previous arrival yes, 1912 (crossed out) 1914 Portland, fair hair & skin, blue eyes, 5ft 2in, Anchinairn Scotland
SCOTT Jean Gordon, 9, F, S School, fair hair & skin, blue eyes, 4ft 10in, born Shettleston
SCOTT Marion Fairholm, 3, F, S, fair hair & skin, blue eyes, 3ft 5in, Glasgow.8

Robert appeared on the 1930 USA Census of 25 Apr 1930 at Atwood Road, Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA, also listed in the household was Janet and Elizabeth ;
SCOTT Robert, Head, Home owned, $1500 value, radio, M, White, 41, M, aged of marriage 23, born Scotland, arrival 1923, automotive mechanic, War Veteran Yes.
SCOTT Janet, Wife, 41, age at marriage 23, born Scotland, arrived 1923, occupation none
SCOTT Jean G, Dau, f, 15, born Scotland, arrived 1923
SCOTT Marion F, Dau, f, 10, born Scotland, arrived 1923
SCOTT Mary L, Dau, F, 2yrs 9mths, born Massachusetts
LOVE Elizabeth G, sister in Law, F, 55, Single, born Scotland, arrived 1928, occupation Housework Private Family.9

Robert began Military Service in 1942

Robert SCOTT
No U1891
67 Atwood Road, Haverhill Essex Mass
Aged 53, Jan 2 1889, Forth Lanark Scotland
Mrs Janet Scott, 67 Atwood Road, Haverhill
Employer: Boston & Maine R.R, Billeriea Middlesex Mass.10

Robert died on 26 Aug 1967 at 50 So Williams Street, Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA, at age 78 years, 7 months and 24 days

Robert Scott, at 9.20pm, aged 78yrs 7mths 24 days.
Widowed - Janet L Love, Machinist (W E Co), 45 years in residence. Born Scotland
Parents: Adam G Scott & Marion Fairholm.

Jean G Raymond, Haverhill, Informant.1,11

Robert's cause of death on 26 Aug 1967 was from Arteriosclerotic Heart disease - 4 years.

Robert was buried on 29 Aug 1967 at Elmwood Cemetery, Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA.

Robert and Janet had 3 children.

Father*Adam Scott (9 Jun 1862 - 6 Jun 1926)
Mother*Marion Pickard Farm (25 Apr 1867 - 17 Apr 1946)

Family: Robert Scott and Janet Love


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