Robert Kay Scott

#286, (27 Jun 1932 - 12 Sep 1981)
Bob Scott as Mayor of Kaitangata
     Robert Kay Scott was born on 27 Jun 1932 at Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Bob was born premature at 7mths. Had no fingernails and no eyelashes.
Daisy had had a fright with a mouse while pregnant with Bob, and when Bob had a birth mark on his back that looked like a mouse, there was lots of comments made about it.1

He was the son of Neil Fairholm Scott and Maggie Gerrard Innes.

Robert Kay Scott was also known as Bob Scott.

Robert Kay Scott married Margaret Joyce Leyden, daughter of Ernest William Leyden and Margaret Grace Bain, on 25 Sep 1954 at St Bernadettes Church, Forbury Corner, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand .2
Bob and Margaret Scott Wedding
Bob and Margaret Scott Wedding outside the Church

Robert died on 12 Sep 1981 at On the Patearoa to Ranfurly Road, Ranfurly, Otago, New Zealand , at age 49 years, 2 months and 16 days

Robert Kay Scott JP
38 Sutcliffe Street, Dunedin
aged 49 - DOB 27 June 1932
Parents: Neil Fairholme Scott, Railway Employee (sic) & Margaret Gerard Scott MS Innes.
Married in Dunedin at aged 22 to Margaret Joyce Leyden, now aged 46.
Ages of Living Children: M: 24, 21, 17 F: 25.3,4

Bob's cause of death on 12 Sep 1981 was from Coroner's Finding:
Acute Heart Failure complicating severe Coronary Artery Atheroma and a healed Myocardial Infarct.
No inquest was held due to the post mortem examination.

Bob was buried on 16 Sep 1981 at Green Park Cemetery, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

In Loving Memory of
Robert Kay Scott
27-6-1932 12-9-1981
a dearly loved husband, father and grandfather
Margaret Joyce Scott
11-6-1935 9-6-2011
a dearly loved wife, mother, mother-in-law, frams and great-grams.

Loving and Inspirational Parents.5
Robert and Margaret Scott
Green Park Cemetery, Dunedin

     Research Note:
Bob was a great Mechanic, and used to love driving Racing Cars in competitions.
The "Bob Scott Memorial Hill Climb" which is held each year in Kaitangata is in rememberance of him. His sons Robert and Greg have preserved his cars and use them in the race. His Grandsons are also becoming involved in this event.
He was also a JP and the Mayor of Kaitangata.
Bob raced against some of the best in the world, and he won 3 South Island titles. He was a regular sight at the annual Dunedin street race and really enjoyed the sport.
When a young boy, my Mum told me stories about Bob, building up bicyles out of old pram wheel rims (no tyres), and held together with bits of wire and nuts and bolts that he could find, no brakes and just old bits and pieces of bikes, then he would race down Corstorphine Rd and also the hill that was called "Lady Sidey's ". My Mum said he was Always the Daredevil, but would do anything for you.

Bob Scott outside his Garage at Kaitangata
Bob and Margaret outside the Garage with the
Scott Flathead special
Bob during one of his races
Bob Scott in the 1500 Scott Special

Bob and Margaret had 4 children, all still living.

Father*Neil Fairholm Scott (22 Dec 1900 - 27 Jul 1962)
Mother*Maggie Gerrard Innes (30 Jul 1902 - 15 Apr 1973)

Family: Robert Kay Scott and Margaret Joyce Leyden


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