SCOTT Family


At this particular stage I have only been able to go back to William Scott who was born around 1803,  in Carnwath, Lanarkshire.

His birth or baptism as well as his marriage to Marion Watson have not been located. This could be due to the gaps in the parish registers of around this time. His parents names were not recorded on his death certificate, so until I am able to find further details, I would be only guessing at who is parents are.

 William was recorded as being a Tailor in all the Census apart from the 1871 Census, in which he is listed as a Small Farmer. All other details regarding William and his family on this Census are correct. The change in occupation must have occurred not too long after Marion died in 1864, as William was the informant of his daughter Jean's two children, one in Forth when he was still a Tailor but the other son in 1867 records William living at Blackhill and being a Farmer. By the 1881 Census William is back in Shotts and also as a Tailor.

It is always and interesting journey looking back in time at what your Ancestors did for a living, where the lived and how. It is also worth noting that many of the descendants of William and Marion, immigrated to other countries, especially to New Zealand and America.




Scott Family c 1905 Adam, Annie, Marion, Adam, Robert and in front Neil Scott