William Hall

ID# 6461, (c 1828 - )

William Hall was born c 1828 at Newhaven, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland ,

Parents: Bores Hall & Margaret Ramsay Hall.

William appeared on the 1841 Scottish Census of 6 Jun 1841, at Newhaven, North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland ;
HALL Bores, 35, Fisherman, Yes
HALL Margaret Ramsay, 35, Yes
HALL Ann, 14, Yes
HALL William, 13, Fisherman, Yes
HALL James, 11, Yes
HALL John, 8, Yes.1

William Hall married Ann Flucker, daughter of David Flucker and Henrietta Seaton, on 12 Dec 1851 at Newhaven, Midlothian, Scotland ,

6th Dec 1851
William Hall, Fisherman, Newhaven and Ann Flucker, Newhaven and Daug of the deceased David Flucker, Fisherman there gave in their names for proclaim of banns
Boreas Hall, Alex Liston, James Mather: Attestons - Proclaimed 7th and Married 12th December 1851 by Revd James Fairbairn, New Newhaven.2,3

William recorded the birth of Henrietta Seton Hall on 22 Feb 1855 Newhaven, Midlothian, Midlothian,

At 5pm
Parents: William Hall, Fisherman, 27, Newhaven & Ann Flucker, 24, Newhaven
Married: 1851 Newhaven
1 Boy deceased.

William Hall, Father (X his mark) was the informant.2,4

William recorded the birth of Ann Hall on 23 Jun 1859 Lamb Court, Newhaven, Midlothian, Scotland ,

At 3.15 AM
Parents: William Hall, Fisherman & Ann Flucker

William Hall (X his mark) Father, was the informant.2,5

William appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 at Shore, North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland , also listed in the household was Ann, Henrietta, Margaret and Ann ;
HALL William, Head, Mar, 33, Fisherman, Newhaven Edinburgh
HALL Ann, Wife, Mar, 30, Newhaven Edinburgh
HALL Henrietta, Dau, 6, Scholar, Newhaven Edinburgh
HALL Margaret, Dau, 3, Newhaven Edinbugh
HALL Ann, Dau, 1, Newhaven Edinburgh.6

William recorded the birth of David Flucker Hall on 31 Dec 1861 Wester Close, Newhaven, Midlothian, Scotland ,

At 7 AM
Parents: William Hall, Fisherman & Ann Flucker
Married: 12 Dec 1851 at Newhaven

William Hall (X his mark) Father, was the informant.2,7

William and Ann had 5 known children.

Children of William Hall and Ann Flucker


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