Mary Gardner Laird

ID# 5894, (20 Jun 1891 - 17 Jul 1943)

Mary Gardner Laird was born on 20 Jun 1891 at 27 Old Row, Aitkenhead, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

Mary Gardner Laird
at 4.15 AM
Parents: Charles Laird, Checkweighman at Coal Pit & Catherine Laird MS Hamilton
Married 26 March 1886, Bothwell

Charles Laird, father was the informant of the birth.1,2

She was the daughter of Charles Laird and Catherine Hamilton.

Mary appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of Charles Laird at 16 Donaldson Place, Tannochside, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
LAIRD Charles, Head, Mar, 38, Coal Miner Hewer, Born Lanarkshire
LAIRD Catherine, Wife, Mar, 35 , Lanarkshire
LAIRD Jeanie, Dau, 14, Tannochside Lanark
LAIRD William, Son, 13, Scholar, Tannochside
LAIRD James, Son, 11, Scholar, Tannochside
LAIRD Mary, Dau, 9, Scholar, Tannochside
LAIRD Charles, Son, 7, Scholar, Tannochside
LAIRD Katie, Dau, 7, Scholar, Tannochside
LAIRD Esther, Dau, 3, Tannochside.3

Mary appeared on the 1911 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1911 in the household of Charles Laird at Tannochside, Lanarkshire, Lanarkshire;
LAIRD Charles, 11 people in house with 2 rooms with windows. Head, 47, Mar, Coal Miner Hewer, Worker, Dykehead Lanark
LAIRD Catherine, Wife, 46, Mar, married 25yrs, 10 children born and living, Old Monkland
LAIRD William, Son, 23, S, Coal Miner Hewer, Worker, Glasgow
LAIRD James, Son, 21, S, Collier Clerk, Worker, Glasgow
LAIRD Mary, Dau, 20, S, Confectionery Process Worker, Worker, Aitkenhead
LAIRD Charles, Son, 17, S, Coal Miner Drawer, Worker, Aitkenhead
LAIRD Catherine, Dau, 17, S, Aitkenhead
LAIRD Esther, Dau, 14, S, School, Aitkenhead
LAIRD Helen, Dau, 10, S, School, Tannochside
LAIRD Andrew, Son, 8, Scholar, Tannochside
LAIRD Elizabeth, Dau, 6, Scholar, Tannochside.4

Mary Gardner Laird married James Rae Scobbie on 6 Jun 1923 at Tannochside, Lanarkshire, Lanarkshire,

After Banns
According to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland

James Rae Scobbie
Coal Miner, Bachelor, aged 25 (wrong age given - should be 36)
Res: Youngs Land, Thornwood
Parents: Thomas Scobbie, Caol Miner & Sarah Scobbie MS Rae
Mary Gardiner Laird
Confectionery Worker, Spinster, aged 21
Res: 16 Donaldson Place, Tannochside
Parents: Charles Laird, Coal Miner & Catherine Laird MS Hamilton

Witnesses: Andrew Blackmore and Catherine H Laird.1,5

As of 6 Jun 1923,her married name was Scobbie.

Mary died on 17 Jul 1943 at 99 Cuthbert Street, Tannochside, Lanarkshire, Scotland , at age 52 years and 27 days

Mary Gardiner Scobbie
Married to James Rae Scobbie, Undergrond Fireman
Found dead in bed 9.10AM
Last seen alive, July 16th 11.45PM
Aged 52
Parents: Charles Laird, Coal Miner (dec) & Catherine Laird MS Hamilton (dec)

James R Scobbie, Widower was the informant.1,6

Mary's cause of death on 17 Jul 1943 was from Asphyxia aggravated or caused by alcoholic stupor - some hours

RCE Result
Asphyxia while lying in bed face downwards in alcoholic stupor.

Family: Mary Gardner Laird and James Rae Scobbie

FatherCharles Laird (31 Jan 1863 - 12 May 1938)
MotherCatherine Hamilton (10 Mar 1866 - 22 Nov 1930)


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