Janet Montgomery

ID# 5099, (c 1854 - 5 Jul 1929)

Janet Montgomery was born c 1854 at Salton, East Lothian, Scotland ,

Cannot locate birth at this stage, Feb 2008.

She was the daughter of Peter Montgomery and Janet Davidson.

Janet appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of Thomas Livingston at Woodhall, Pencaitland, East Lothian, Scotland ;
LIVINGSTON Thomas, Head, Mar, 40, Woodman, Lauder, Berwickshire
LIVINGSTON Janet, Wife, Mar, 36, Pencaitland, Haddington
LAMB Georgina, Wifes Daur, 13, Ag Lab, Pencaitland
MONTGOMERY Peter, Wifes Son, 10, Scholar, Ormiston
DAVIDSON William, Wifes Son, 3, Pencaitland
LIVINGSTON Susan, Dau, 10mths, Pencaitland
MONTGONERY Janet, Wifes Dau, 7, Salton

(lived next door to William and Marion Simpson.)1

Janet appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of Robert Temple at Whitehouse Mill and House, Cranston, Midlothian, Scotland ;
TEMPLE Robert, Head, Mar, 31, Ploughman,Haddington
TEMPLE Georgina, Wife, Mar, 23, Pencaitland
MONTGOMERY Janet, Sister -in-law, Unm, 16, Ag Labr, Salton, Haddington
LIVINGSTONE William, Brother-in-law, Unm, 12, Scholar, Pencaitland
LIVINGSTONE Susan, Sister-in-law, 10, Scholar, Pencaitland.2

Janet Montgomery married William Lockie on 1 Jun 1877 at Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland ,

After Banns according to the Forms of the Church of Scotland

William Lockie, Ploughman (Bachelor) aged 33yrs, Collielaw
Parents: William Lockie, Farm Labourer & Elizabeth Deans

Janet Montgomery, Cook (Spinster), 23yrs, Bewcastle
Parents: Peter Montgomery, Farm Labourer (dec) & Janet Montgomery MS Davidson (Dec)

Witnesses: Andrew Tait & Ann Brown.3,4

As of 1 Jun 1877,her married name was Lockie.

Janet appeared on the 1881 Scottish Census of 3 Apr 1881 in the household of William Lockie at Collielaw, Channelkirk, Berwickshire, Scotland ;
LOCKIE William, Head, 37, Farm Stewart, born Greenlaw, Berwickshire
LOCKIE Janet, Wife, 27, Farm Steward Wife, Pencaitland East Lothian
LOCKIE Janet Davidson, Dau, 3, Channelkirk, Berwickshire
LOCKIE William, Son, 1, Channelkirk, Berwickshire.5

Janet appeared on the 1891 Scottish Census of 5 Apr 1891 in the household of William Lockie at Saughland, Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland ;
LOCKIE William, Head, 47, Farm Grieve, Berwickshire
LOCKIE Janet, Wife, 37, Haddington
LOCKIE Janet D, Dau, 13, Scholar, Berwickshire
LOCKIE William, Son, 11, Scholar, Berwickshire
LOCKIE Peter, Son, 9, Scholar, Crichton, Midlothian
LOCKIE David, Son, 7, Scholar, Crichton Midlothian
LOCKIE Elizabeth Deans, Dau, 5, Scholar, Crichton Midlothian
BLAIKIE Robert, Boarder, 23, Ploughman, Berwickshire.6

Janet appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of William Lockie at 179 Dalry Road, Edinburgh St David, Midlothian, Scotland ;
LOCKIE William, Head, 56, Foreman (distillery), Greenlaw Berwickshire
LOCKIE Janet, Wife, 47, Salton Midlothian
LOCKIE William, Son, 21, Policeman, Crichton Midlothian
LOCKIE Peter, Son, 19, Railway Porter, Crichton Midlothian
LOCKIE David, Son, 17, Apprentice Cooper, Crichton Midlothian
LOCKIE Elizabeth D, Dau, 1, (age is incorrect, should be 15/16yrs), Druggists Assist Shopkeeps, Crichton Midlothian.7

Janet died on 5 Jul 1929 at 28 Coalson Crescent, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland ,

Janet Lockie, Widow of William Lockie, Maltman.
At 11:27PM aged 73yrs.
Parents: Peter Montgomery, Farm Worker (dec) & Janet Montgomery MS Davidson (dec)

P Lockie, Son, 38 Temple Park Crescent Edinburgh, was present at her death.3,8

Janet's cause of death on 5 Jul 1929 was from Arterio Sclorosis
Vascular Disease of Heart.

Janet and William had 5 children.

Children of Janet Montgomery and William Lockie

FatherPeter Montgomery (c 1821 - 17 Mar 1878)
MotherJanet Davidson (1 Aug 1823 - 31 Aug 1865)


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