Alexander Purdie

ID# 5131, (c 1835 - 9 Jan 1888)

Alexander Purdie was born c 1835 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

Parents: William Purdie & Janet Craig.

Alexander Purdie married Margaret Davidson, daughter of George Davidson and Marion King, c 1857 at Midlothian, Scotland ,

Cannot locate marriage at this stage in Scotland or in England.

Alexander appeared on the 1861 English Census of 7 Apr 1861 at Spring View, Radcliffe, Lancashire, England, also listed in the household was Margaret ;
PURDIE Alex, Head, Mar, 26, Stone Mason, Born Scotland
PURDIE Margaret, Wife, Mar, 30, born Scotland.1

Alexander appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 at 91 Almada Street, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland , also listed in the household was Margaret and Marion ;
PURDIE Alexander, Head, Mar, 39, Stone Mason Foreman, Hamilton Lanark
PURDIE Margaret, Wife, Mar, 40, Pencaithland Haddington
PURDIE Marion, Dau, 7, Scholar, England.2

Alexander appeared on the 1881 Scottish Census of 3 Apr 1881 at 70 Almada Street, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland , also listed in the household was Margaret and Marion ;
PURDIE Alexander, Head, Mar, 47, Forman Mason, Hamilton Lanark
PURDIE Mararet, Wife, Mar, 50, Pencaitland Haddington
PURDIE Marion, Dau, 17, Saleswoman, England.3

Alexander Purdie witnessed the death of Margaret Purdie on 26 Apr 1886 71 Almada Street, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,
Margaret Purdie
married to Alexander Purdie, Mason (foreman)
At 3:00am aged 54yrs
Parents: George Davidson, Gardener (jobbing) & Marion Simpson previously Davidson MS King

Alex Purdie, Widower was present at her death.4,5

Alexander died on 9 Jan 1888 at Waverley Bridge foot of Backburn Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland ,

Alexander Purdie,
(Widower of Margaret Davidson)
at 10.30 AM aged 53
Usual Res: 70 Almada Street, Hamilton
Parents: William Purdie, Mason (dec) & Janet Purdie MS Craig (dec)

Marion Purdie, Daughter was present when he died.4,6

Alexander's cause of death on 9 Jan 1888 was from Disease of Heart
Hemoptysis (coughing up of blood.)

Alexander Purdie's estate was probated on 23 Jan 1888 at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland ,

PURDIE Alexander
23 January 1888
Confirmation of Alexander Purdie, Builder, Almada Street, Hamilton, who died 9 January 1888, at Edinburgh, intestate, granted at Hamilton, to Marion Purdie, his only child, Executrix dative qua next of kin.

Value of Estate £86 9s.7

Alexander and Margaret had 1 Known Child.

Child of Alexander Purdie and Margaret Davidson


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