Agnes Raeburn

ID# 5141, (c 1840 - 13 Mar 1908)

Agnes Raeburn was born c 1840 at Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland .1
She was the daughter of John Raeburn and Elizabeth Wilson.

Agnes Raeburn married James Simpson, son of William Simpson and Marion King, on 1 Apr 1859 at Fala, Fala, Midlothian, Scotland ,

Marriage (after Banns) was Soleminized between us according to the Forms of the United Presbyterian Church.

James Simpson, 23, Farm Servant, Bachelor
Res: Pencaitland
Parents: William Simpson, Coal Steward & Marion King
Agnes Raeburn, 20, Spinster
Res: Whitburgh, Parish of Humbie
Parents: John Raeburn, Farm Servant & Elizabeth Wilson

Witnesses: William Raeburn and Ann Bell.2,3,4

As of 1 Apr 1859,her married name was Simpson.

Agnes appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 in the household of James Simpson at Farm Cottage, Bolton, East Lothian, Scotland ;
SIMPSON James, Head, 26, Ploughman, Pencaitland Haddington
SIMPSON Agnes, Wife, 27, Humbie
SIMPSON William, Son, 1, Bolton
TROUPA Alexander, Boarder, 49.5

Agnes Simpson witnessed the death of Elisabeth Simpson on 9 Feb 1863 Peastonbank, Ormiston, East Lothian, Scotland ,
Elizabeth Simpson
At 2.45 PM, aged 1 ½ years, single
Parents: James Simpson (Ploughman) & Agnes Simpson MS Raeburn

Agnes Simpson, Mother was present when she passed away.2,6

Agnes appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of James Simpson at Broomhouse, Corstorphine, Midlothian, Scotland ;
SIMPSON James, Head, 36, Ploughman, Pencaitland, Haddington
SIMPSON Agnes, Wife, 31, Humbie
SIMPSON William, Son, 11, Scholar, Ormiston
SIMPSON Marion, Dau, 7, Scholar, Ormiston
SIMPSON John, Son, 5, Ormiston
SIMPSON Thomas, Son, 3, Pencaitland
SIMPSON Elizabeth, Dau, 9mths, Corstorphine.7

Agnes recorded the birth of James Simpson on 7 Aug 1878 Burdiehouse, Liberton, Midlothian, Scotland ,

James Simpson
at 5.50 PM
Parents: James Simpson, Ploughman,( Deceased) & Agnes Simpson MS Raeburn
Married: 1 April 1859, Humbie, East Lothian

Agnes Simpson, Mother was the informant.2,8

Agnes appeared on the 1881 Scottish Census of 3 Apr 1881 in the household of William Simpson at Pirntation Farm Ploughman's House, Stow, Midlothian, Scotland ;
SIMPSON William, Head, 21, Ploughman, Ormiston
SIMPSON Agnes, Mother, 40, Humbie
SIMPSON Marion, Sister, 17, Field Worker, Ormiston
SIMPSON John, Brother, 15, Field Worker, Ormiston
SIMPSON Thomas, Brother, 13, Field Worker, Pencaitland
SIMPSON Elizabeth, Sister, 10, Scholar, Corstophine
SIMPSON Janet, Sister,8, Scholar, Pencaitland
SIMPSON Mary, Sister, 4, Scholar, Ormiston
SIMPSON James, Brother, 2, Liberton.9

Agnes appeared on the 1891 Scottish Census of 5 Apr 1891 at Bellsmains, Borthwick, Midlothian, Scotland , also listed in the household was John, Thomas, Janet and James ;
SIMPSON Agnes, Head, Widow, 50 born East Lothian
SIMPSON John, Son, Unm, 25, Pit Bottomer, East Lothian
SIMPSON Thomas, Son, Unm, 22, Miller, East Lothian
SIMPSON Janet, Dau, Unm, 18, Farm Servant, East Lothian
SIMPSON James, Son, 12, Scholar, Midlothian
BOLD Matthew, Grandson, 9, Scholar, Midlothian.10

Agnes appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of John Simpson at 10 Tait Street, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland ;
SIMPSON John, Head, M. 35, Head Lorryman, Pestonkirk East Lothian
SIMPSON Jessie, Wife, M, 34, Logcote Pebbleshire
SIMPSON James, Son, 3, Fusie Bridge Midlothian
SIMPSON John Y, Son, 1, Standpoetty Midlothian
SIMPSON Agnes, Mother, Widow, 62, Waitbury, East Lothian
SIMPSON James, Brother, Unm, 22, Lorryman, Burdiehouse, Midlothian
SIMPSON Jessie Hame, Neice, 8, Swanston, Midlothian.11

Agnes died on 13 Mar 1908 at 2 West Norton Place, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland ,

Agnes Simpson
Widow of James Simpson, Ploughman
at 10.50pm aged 68yrs
Parents: John Raeburn, Ploughman (dec) & Elizabeth Raeburn MS Wilson (dec)

Janet Dundas, Daughter was present when she passed away.2,12

Agnes's cause of death on 13 Mar 1908 was from Valvular Disease of the heart
Sudden Syncope- 20 minutes.

Agnes and James had 9 children.

Children of Agnes Raeburn and James Simpson

FatherJohn Raeburn (1805 - 25 Jun 1870)
MotherElizabeth Wilson (19 Feb 1816 - 1899)


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