Neil Fairholm Scott

ID# 278, (22 Dec 1900 - 27 Jul 1962)
Neil Scott in his Home Guard Unifrom
c 1940 New Zealand

Neil Fairholm Scott was born on 22 Dec 1900 at Provident Building, Thorniewood, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

Neil Fairholm Scott
At 7pm.

Parents: Adam Scott, Watchmaker (Master) & Marion Pichard Scott MS Fairholm.
Married: March 23rd 1888, Carnwath.

Adam Scott, Father was present at the birth.1,2

He was the son of Adam Scott and Marion Pickard Farm.

Neil appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 in the household of Adam Scott at Provident Place, Uddingston, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT, Adam, Head, M, 38, Watch Maker & Hawker, Own Account, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Marion, Wife, M, 33, Watch Maker & Hawker Wife, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Robert, Son, 12, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Annie, Dau, 8, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Adam, Son, 6, Scholar, Forth, Lanark
SCOTT, Neil, Son, 3 months, Bothwell, Lanark
SCOTT, James, Brother, S, 22, Coal Miner, Worker, Forth, Lanark.3

Neil appeared on the 1911 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1911 in the household of Adam Scott at Provident Building, Tannochside, Lanarkshire, Scotland ;
SCOTT Adam, Head, 48, Mar, Pit Headman, Colliery, Worker, Carnwath Lanark
SCOTT Marion, Wife, 43, Mar, married 23yrs, 5 children, 4 living, Sub PostMistress, Worker, At home, Carnwath
SCOTT Annie, Dau, 18, Single, Assistant PostMistress, Worker, At Home, Carnwath
SCOTT Adam, Son, 16, Single, Clerk, Colliery, Worker, Carnwath
SCOTT Neil, Son, 10, School, Carnwath.4

Neil Fairholm Scott married Mary Gardner Laird Simpson, daughter of William Simpson and Mary Laird, on 7 Mar 1924 at United Free Church Manse, Aitkenhead, Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

After Publication According to the Forms of the United Free Church of Scotland.

Neil Fairholm Scott
Commercial Motor Driver, Bachelor, aged 23
Usual Res: Provident Place Tannochside
Parents: Adam Scott, Pitheadman & Marion Pickard Scott MS Fairholm
Mary Gardner Laird Simpson
Domestic Servant, Spinster, aged 20
Usual Res: 2 Birkenshaw Terrace Tannochside
Parents: William Simpson, Coal Miner & Mary Gardner Simpson MS Laird

Witnesses: Alex Smith, Birkenshaw Gardens Uddingston & Maggie Simpson, County Houses, Birkenshaw Uddingston.1,5

Neil Fairholm Scott immigrated on 23 Oct 1925 from Southampton via the "Remuera" to Auckland, New Zealand, also on board were listed Mary and Adam

Remuera Sailed 23 Oct 1925 and arrived in Auckland 30 Nov 1925.

Ticket No A161, 3rd Class
SCOTT Neil, last address: PO Tannochside, Motor Driver, aged 24
SCOTT Mary, Housewife, aged 21
SCOTT Adam, aged 1

They were part of the assisted immigration scheme.

Adam was dressed up as Cupid when they crossed the equator.
Mary was pregnant with Isabel during the voyage and was not well.

They arrived in Auckland on the 30 Nov 1925 and being part of the 380 passengers heading for the South, which left by the two evening expresses.6,7

SS Remuera

30 Nov 1925 Neil Fairholm Scott was mentioned in the "Auckland Star", New Zealand , newspaper

Settlers from Britain


A fine lot of new settlers for New Zealand arrived by the New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Remuera this morning from London. There were about 500 people on board, of whom 287 were assisted by the Government under the immigration scheme. Probably a third of the newcomers are from Scotland. They are a good type of people on the ship, and the amount of money they changed showed that they had not come empty-handed. Auckland takes 94 of the total, Wellington 86, Dunedin 22, and Lyttelton 20. Mr V Mills, of the Immigration Department, was in charge of the arrangements for the reception of the newcomers, and as usual everything worked like clock-work. The people for the South are leaving this evening by special train.
Except for the first few days after leaving England the trip was made in fine weather, and the passengers thoroughly enjoyed the run. Captain Cameron, who is so well and favourably known in New Zealand ports, endeared himself to his passengers by the keen interest he took in their welfare. In addition to looking after their material comforts, the versatile captain gave three lectures - on Pitcairn, the Panama Canal and on New Zealand. His address on life in the new land was full of excellent advice. The ship's officers assisted as usual in helping to make the large number on board enjoy the trip. Concerts, dances and lectures were frequent, and an energetic sports committee carried through an excellent programme on the voyage.

The details of the assisted passengers among the new arrivals are as follow:

Dunedin: 6 Men; 10 Women; 6 children - Total of 22.8

Neil Fairholm Scott was on the 1928 Electoral Roll Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand , also listed in the household was Mary

SCOTT Neil Fairholm, 12 Islington St, St Kilda, tram conductor
SCOTT Mary Louisa, 12 Islington St, St Kilda, married.9

Neil Fairholm Scott married Maggie Gerrard Innes, daughter of John Whyte Innes and Margaret Ann Gerrard, on 4 Dec 1929 at Residence of Mrs R Kay, 27 Littlebourne Road, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Neil Fairholm Scott, aged 28, Tram Conductor, Widower 26 April 1929, born Glasgow Scotland
Parents: Adam Gibson Scott, Pithead Foreman & Marion Pickard Fairholm

Maggie Gerrard Innes, aged 27, Spinster, born Glasgow Scotland
Parents: John White Innes, Police Constable & Margaret Gerrard

Witnesses: Muriel Kay, 27 Littlebourne Road, Domestic & Harold W Cope, 11 Parkhill Ave, Mornington, Compositor.1,10

Wedding to Maggie Innes to Neil F Scott 1929

Neil Fairholm Scott was on the 1935 Electoral Roll Dunedin, Otago, also listed in the household was Maggie

SCOTT Neil Fairholm, 30 Embo St, tram conductor
SCOTT Margaret Gerrard Innes, 30 Embo St, married.11

Neil recorded the birth of Baby Girl Stillborn Scott on 21 Jun 1937 Batchelor Hospital, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

Parents: Neil Fairholm Scott, Bus Driver, 36, Born Glasgow Scotland & Margaret Innes, 35, Born Glasgow Scotland.
Married: 4 Dec 1929
Living Issue: M: 6, 5 F: 3
No deceased issue.

Neil F Scott, Father, 30 Embo Street, Kew, was the informant on the certificate.1,12

     Research Note:
Neil was a Mason and belonged to Scottish Kiwini Lodge.
He also was very musical and could play the piano accordion by air as well as the piano. ( Pop taught me how to play the piano and after he died my parents got the piano for me to learn on).

Neil died on 27 Jul 1962 at 30 Embo Street, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand , at age 61 years, 7 months and 5 days

Neil Fairholm Scott, Motor Driver, aged 61
Parents: Adam Gibson Scott & Marion Pickard, Shopkeeper
Born Glasgow Scotland, in NZ 37 years.
A: to Mary Gibson (sic), at Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland aged 23

Living Children: M: 38 F: 36, 34

B: to Margaret Gerard Innes, at Dunedin, aged 30. Margaret aged 60

Living Children: M: 31, 29 F: 27, 21.1,13

Neil's cause of death on 27 Jul 1962 was from Coronary artery occlusion instantaneous
Toxic myocarditis 1 wk
Recurring bronchitis 1mth.

Neil's death notice appeared on 28 Jul 1962 in the "Otago Daily Times", New Zealand ,

On July 27th 1962 (suddenly) at his residence 30 Embo St, Kew
Neil Fairholm dearly beloved husband of Margaret Scott, and loved father of Adam, Isabel (Mrs Milne), June (Mrs Clark), Neil (Mataura) Robert (Kaitangata) Vera (Mrs Bryant, Christchurch) and Ruby (Mrs Blewden) in his sixty- second year.
Peacefully sleeping.
The funeral will leave Our Chapel 325 Great King St today (Saturday) the 28th inst at the conclusion of a service commencing at 11.45am for the Andersons Bay Cemetery.
R McLean & Son Ltd, funeral directors

SCOTT Neil Fairholm,
30 Embo St, Dunedin, beloved granddad (Pop) of Sandra and Janice Scott, Gaynor and John Milne, Louise and Tony Clark, Sharen, Jackey and Debra Scott (Mataura), Margaret, Robert and Brian Scott (Kaitangata), and Allan, Dianne and Tony Bryant (Christchurch) - Ever remembered.14

Neil was buried on 28 Jul 1962 at Anderson's Bay Cemetery, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand ,

In Loving Memory Of
my dear husband Neil Scott
d 27 July 1962 aged 62
Also his loved wife
Margaret Gerrard Scott
d 15 April 1973.
Always in our thoughts.15

Neil F Scott & Maggie G Scott
Anderson's Bay Cemetery

Neil and Mary had 3 children, 1 still living.

Neil and Daisy had 5 children possibly 6, if two were stillborn or very late miscarriages.
2 children are still living.

Children of Neil Fairholm Scott and Mary Gardner Laird Simpson

  • Adam Gibson Scott
  • Isabella Gardner Laird Scott

Children of Neil Fairholm Scott and Maggie Gerrard Innes

  • Neil Fairholm Scott
  • Robert Kay Scott
  • Baby Girl Stillborn Scott
FatherAdam Scott (9 Jun 1862 - 6 Jun 1926)
MotherMarion Pickard Farm (25 Apr 1867 - 17 Apr 1946)


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