Marion Simpson

ID# 4320, (c 1845 - 27 Oct 1916)

Marion Simpson was born c 1845 at Fountainhall, Pencaitland, East Lothian, Scotland ,

not located on IGI or OPR's at this stage.1

She was the daughter of William Simpson and Marion King.

Marion appeared on the 1851 Scottish Census of 30 Mar 1851 in the household of William Simpson at House of Muir, Ormiston, East Lothian, Scotland ;
SIMPSON William, Head, Mar, 39, Coal Manager, Salton, Haddington
SIMPSON Marion, Wife, Mar, 47, Gladsmuir, Haddington
SIMPSON James, Son, U, 16, Coal Miner, Pencaitland
SIMPSON Christian, Dau, U, 14, Pencaitland
SIMPSON John, Son, 11, Pencaitland
SIMPSON Marion, Daur, 6, Pencaitland
OLIVER George S., Grandchild, 2, Pencaitland.2

Marion appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 at Village West Salton, Salton, East Lothian, Scotland ;
ADAMSON William, aged 49
ADAMSON family
Also Thomas Crichton, 78; James Duncan, 40; Thomas Reid, 16.
SIMPSON Marion, aged 16, Servant, born Pencaitland, Haddington.3

Marion Simpson married John Henry Hamilton on 27 Nov 1868 at Ormiston Schoolroom, Ormiston, East Lothian, Scotland ,

At the Ormiston Schoolroom after Banns according to the forms of the Church of Scotland

John Henry Hamilton, Ploughman (Single), aged 29
Usual Res: Caston Road ? Parish of Ormiston
Parents: David Hamilton, Ploughman & Catherine Simpson (dec)
Marion Simpson, Domestic Servant, (single) aged 23.
Usual Res: ? Parish of Ormiston
Parents: William Simpson, Road Surfaceman & Marion King

Witnesses: George Simpson and Martha Hamilton.4,5

As of 27 Nov 1868,her married name was Hamilton.

Marion appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 in the household of John Henry Hamilton at Gorton Loanhead, Lasswade, Midlothian, Scotland ;
HAMILTON John, Head, 32, Labourer, Gifford Haddington
SIMPSON Mariann, Wife, 26, Pencaitland
HAMILTON Marian, Dau, 3, Lasswade, Midlothian
TORBET Robert, Boarder, 18.6

Marion appeared on the 1881 Scottish Census of 3 Apr 1881 in the household of John Henry Hamilton at 138 High Street, Inveresk, Midlothian, Scotland ;
HAMILTON John H, Head, 42, labourer, Yester East Lothian
HAMILTON Marion, Wife, 35, Fountainhall East Lothian
HAMILTON Janet C, Dau, 16, Farm Servant, House of Muir East Lothian
HAMILTON Marion, Dau, 14, Book Stall Servant, Rosewell Edin
HAMILTON David A, Son, Scholar, Fountainhall East Lothian
HAMILTON Christina, Dau, 7, Scholar, Fordell Fife
HAMILTON William B, Son, 5, Scholar, Pathead Edin
HAMILTON Henerietta, Dau, 3, Craighart Edin
HAMILTON John, Son, 1, Craigentiney Edin.7

Marion appeared on the 1891 Scottish Census of 5 Apr 1891 in the household of John Henry Hamilton at Gallowshall Old Toll House, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland ;
HAMILTON John H, Head, 52, Road Surfaceman, Gifford haddington
HAMILTON Marion, Wife, 44, Pencaitland
HAMILTON Christina, Dau, 17, Road Surfacemans Dau, Dalgettie, Fife
HAMILTON William B, Son, 15, Cellarman, Crichton Edin
HAMILTON Henrietta, Dau, 13, Road Surfacemans Dau, Colinton Edin
HAMILTON John, Son, 11, Scholar, South Leith Edin
HAMILTON Annie D, Dau, 9, Scholar, Inveresk Edin
HAMILTON James, Son, 7, Scholar, Dalkeith
HAMILTON Charles R, Son, 5, Dalkeith
HAMILTON Nelly, Dau, 3, Dalkeith
HAMILTON Agnes R, Dau, 1, Dalkeith.8

Marion appeared on the 1901 Scottish Census of 31 Mar 1901 at Bucclench Street, Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland , also listed in the household was William, John, James, Charles, Nelly and Agnes ;
HAMILTON Marion, Head, 87 (wrong age should be 57), Pencaitland
HAMILTON William, Son, 26, Stone Breaker, Crichton Edin
HAMILTON John, Son, 21, Seller of Cooked Potatoes, Restacrigg Edin
HAMILTON James, Son, 17, Crocers Vauman, Dalkeith
HAMILTON Charles, Son, 15, Pitheadman, Dalkeith
HAMILTON Nellie, Dau, 14, Dalkeith
HAMILTON Agnes, Dau, 12, Scholar, Dalkeith.9

Marion died on 27 Oct 1916 at Humbie, Kirkliston, Linlithgow, Scotland ,

Marion Hamilton, Widow of John Hamilton Roadman
At 6:45am aged 71yrs
Parents: William Simpson, Roadman (dec) & Marion King (dec)

William Hamilton, Son, Bucclench Street, Dalkeith was the informant.4,10

Marion's cause of death on 27 Oct 1916 was from Carcinoma Bladder
Cerebral Haemorrhage.

Marion had 1 child.

Marion and John had 11 children.

Child of Marion Simpson

Children of Marion Simpson and John Henry Hamilton

FatherWilliam Simpson (c 1812 - 25 Nov 1888)
MotherMarion King (13 Oct 1802 - 25 Jan 1876)


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