John Fluker

ID# 6465, (26 Oct 1772 - )

John Fluker was born on 26 Oct 1772 at North Leith, Midlothian, Scotland ,

John Fluker and Jean Durham his spouse of this parish had a son born Twenty Sixty Oct and baptized Novemeber 1st 1772 named John

Witnesses: James Fluker and David Durham.1,2

He was the son of John Fluker and Jean Durham.

John Fluker was also known as John Flucker.

John Flucker married Sarah Adamson on 21 Nov 1793 at Newhaven, Midlothian, Scotland ,

John Flucker, Newhaven and Sarrah Adamson after due procliation were Married November twenty first by Dr Johnston.1,3

John and Sarah had 2 known children, most likely more.

Children of John Fluker and Sarah Adamson

FatherJohn Fluker (c 1750 - )
MotherJean Durham (c 1750 - )


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