Alexander Gardner

ID# 431, (27 Jul 1819 - 3 Jan 1881)

Alexander Gardner was born on 27 Jul 1819 at Eastmuir, Lanarkshire, Scotland .1
He was the son of William Gardner and Elizabeth Gilmour.

Alexander Gardner was baptised on 8 Aug 1819 in Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

Wm Gardner, Coalier, Eastmuir & Eliz Gilmour had their 13th child born 27th July, Baptised 8th Aug named Alexander.
Witnesses: William Stewart & D Templeton.2,3,4

Eastmuir, just outside of Shettleston
Photograph by Ailsa Corlett

Alexander Gardner married Helen Provan, daughter of Andrew Provan and Mary Grinley, on 5 Mar 1841 at Govan, Lanarkshire, Scotland ,

Booked and Married in the year 1840 -1

Alexander Gardner & Helen Provan
Booked Feb 13 1841
Married 5 March 1841
Both of Govan Parish.2,5

Homelife in Govan

Alexander appeared on the 1851 Scottish Census of 30 Mar 1851 at Browns Square, Langloan, Lanarkshire, Scotland , also listed in the household was Helen, Mary, Elizabeth, Helen and Jane ;
GARDNER, Alexander, Head, Mar, 30, Carter, Barony Lanarkshire
GARDNER, Helen, Wife, Mar, 30, New Monkland Lanarkshire
GARDNER, Mary, Dau, 9, Scholar, Conderit Stirlingshire
GARDNER, Elizabeth,Dau,7, Scholar, Govan Renfrewshire
GARDNER, Helen, Dau, 4, Govan Renfrewshire
GARDNER, Jane, Dau, 2, Barony Lanarkshire.6

Main Street of Coatbridge c 1920's

Alexander appeared on the 1861 Scottish Census of 7 Apr 1861 at Dykehead, Old Monkland, Lanarkshire, Scotland , also listed in the household was Ellen, Jean, Agnes, Janet, Isabella and William ;
GARDNER, Alexander, Head, Mar, 40, Pit Bottomer, Glasgow, Barony
GARDNER, Ellen, Wife, Mar, 39, New Monkland
GARDNER, Jean, Dau, 12, Patrick
GARDNER, Agnes, Dau, 7, Old Monkland
GARDNER, Janet, Dau, 4, Old Monkland
GARDNER, Isabella, Dau, 2, Old Monkland
LAIRD, William, Boarder, Mar, 20, Coal Miner, Old Monkland.7

Photograph by Ailsa Corlett

Alexander Gardner was also known as Alexander Gardiner.

Alexander appeared on the 1871 Scottish Census of 2 Apr 1871 at Gatehouses, Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland , also listed in the household was Ellen, Elizabeth, Agnes, Janet and Isabella ;
GARDINER Alexander, Head, Mar, 50, Watchman, Glasgow, Lanark, 2 rooms with windows and 1 child at school
GARDINER Ellen, Wife, 46, New Monkland
GARDINER Elizabeth, Dau, Un, 26, Mill worker, Govan
GARDINER Agnes, Dau, Un, 17, Mill worker, Old Monkland
GARDINER Janet, Dau, Un, 14, Mill worker, Old Monkland
GARDINER Isabella, Dau, 12, Scholar, Old Monkland.8

Gatehouse at Blantyre
Old Gatehouse at Blantyre which is now gone

Alexander died on 3 Jan 1881 at London Road, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland , at age 61 years, 5 months and 7 days

Alexander Gardner
At 1.20pm, aged 61yrs.
Colliery- Pitheadman
married to Helen Provan
Usual Res: Thornwood, Bothwell.
Parents: William Gardner, Carter (Master) (dec) and Elizabeth Gardner MS Gilmour (dec)

Janet Brown, Daughter, 167 London Road, Glasgow was the informant

No death notice located in the Glasgow Herald.2,9

Alexander's cause of death on 3 Jan 1881 was from Heart Disease
? examined after a fall on the back of the head.

     Research Note:

It seems that Alexander lived in the time frame when lots of changes were occuring in the Northern Glasgow area where they lived.
I have gathered details regarding his occupations during this time from the birth of his children as well as the Census.

Alexander was baptised in Eastmuir just outside of Shettleston.
We next find him living where he also married in the parish of Govan.
Mary, Elizabeth and Helen are suppose to be born in Govan and then Jane in the parish of Barony.

By the 1851 Census, Alexander is listed as a Carter the same occupation as his father and back in Old Monkland parish.

Agnes is said to be born at Coatbrigde Old Monkland, and we know from the birth registrations that both Janet (1857) & Isabella (1859) were born at Dykehead and that Alexander was recorded as being a Boatman on the Canal.
This Canal would have been the Monkland Canal which was a 12 ¼ mile canal, designed to bring coal from the mining areas of Monklands to Glasgow.

This Canal and the mining industry was an important part of Alexander's life, as it helped to secure income, from being a Carter (taking coal via horse drawn cart to wherever needed), being the Boatman on the Canal (helping to move the coal along the Canal, eg either by loading, transporting or being on the boat itself), to actually digging the coal and then being the Pit Headman by the time of his death.

On the 1861 Census, Alexander is recordered as being a Pit Bottomer at Dykehead, - this meant he worked at the bottom of the coal pit getting the coal out. Dykehead is also spelt on the maps as Dikehead.

By the 1871 Census, Alexander is recorded as being a Watchman, living at the Gatehouse, Blantyre. This is south to where he was living previously but also still in the coal mining area. His children, Elizabeth, Agnes, and Janet are all recorded as being Mill Workers.

On his death certificate it appears he has moved to Glasgow perhaps to get medical treatment. It states that he had a fall and fell on to the back of his head. This would have required medical attention and investigation. It seems that perhaps the fall was caused by an under lying Heart Disease condition. Perhaps he had had a heart turn which caused the fall ?

His daughter who lived in London Road, Glasgow stated he was by this stage aged 61 and a Colliery Pitheadman and his usual place of residence was at Thornwood, Bothwell.

Map showing Ballieston and Dikehead
Photograph by Ailsa Corlett
Monkland Canal
Shettleston, showing boat on the Monkland Canal
Part of Monkland Canal today

Alexander and Helen had 7 Children known.

Children of Alexander Gardner and Helen Provan

FatherWilliam Gardner (c 1772 - b 6 Jun 1841)
MotherElizabeth Gilmour (c 1774 - 3 Mar 1863)


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