This page is dedicated to my Maternal Grandmother.

Mary Gardner Laird Simpson was my Grandmother, who died at a very young age of 25, after having 3 children and moving to Dunedin, New Zealand in 1926 from her home town of Tannochside, Glasgow, Scotland.

My Mother was only 10 months old when she died.

Mary was born at Young's Land, Thornwood, Bothwell in Lanark, Scotland on the 25th Nov 1903.

She was very involved in the Church that she belonged to, which was the United Free Church of Scotland.

On the 7th March 1924 she married Neil Fairholm Scott.

They then lived in Tannochside with Neil's parents until they immigrated to New Zealand via the "Remuera" which left Scotland on the 23rd October 1925.

On the voyage out, their son Adam who was only a year old was dressed up as cupid as they crossed the equator. Mary was also pregnant with their daughter Isabel, who was born in the Feb of 1926; 3 month's after they arrived in Dunedin.

The same year that they immigrated, Neil's father died back in Scotland. Neil recieved the Memorial Card which was edged in Black.

It would have been a very hard time for them, with just moving to New Zealand and knowning they could not go back for the funeral. The distance between the countires would have sunk in.

With many thanks to new cousins in Scotland and England we now have some more photos of Mary.


Mary Gardner Laird Simpson taken perhaps before she married c1923/24 Photo courtsey of Alex Lees.
Mary and Neil Scott c 1927 with Adam and Isabel Dunedin, New Zealand