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Logan City, Queensland, Australia


Second South American trip photos NOW available.

A few of my hobbies and interests are in the areas of: -
  • Travel
  • Genealogy
  • Home grown racing cars
  • Personal motorsport
  • Recreational programmed software

and are described on these web pages.

We have a few fast locals around my way!


My exciting overseas trips can now be checked out at -->


I am presently developing a comprehensive family tree, including my descent details from King Edward III. In due course I will post it here.

Genealogy Information

This section contains information provided by others that is of general interest. Check it out under  genes.gif (1957 bytes)

As well as this there is also a books section at genes.gif (1957 bytes)

Unique Ancestors

Along the way of collecting information on my ancestry I observed that there was a very interesting phenomena occurring with regard to the number of unique ancestors that were appearing out of the multitude of actual ones. This caused me to closely examine the data I had available, and to develop a theory regarding their distribution. I posted this information to the soc.genealogy.medieval newsgroup, the recently updated details of which can be found under  uniques.gif (1957 bytes)

Cumberland Family Software

If you are looking for an excellent Windows based 32 bit genealogy program, then try the one I am using and am pleased to recommend. Check it out at the following web site, by clicking on the logo:-

Racing Cars

My main interests in this area cover two home grown vehicles. The first one I helped design and build, and the other belongs to a friend and neighbour. These vehicles are:-

Personal Motorsport

In 2006 I purchased my first sports car, thus triggering a personal venture into real motorsport. Initially running the car in various events at club level, in 2009 in conjunction with friend Mike Anderson we entered the tarmac rally scene in a previously built rally car. With this car we did a number of Australian Targa and other competitions with moderate success. While I have competed in other cars since, the main vehicles are:-


As a purely recreational programmer, I have written a number of small DOS and Windows programs to support my hobbies. These include a few utility programs, some technical ones to assist with the design of car suspensions and engine performance, and yet others to help with my genealogy obsession. I have made some of these freely available for download through  software.gif (2008 bytes)


I am contactable by email on for further information or comment.

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