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South America Trip # 1 : March/April 2000

see footnote this page South America Trip # 2

A brief comment on the trip and selected images follows:-

With a couple of friends from Australia and New Zealand, I joined a two week G.A.P Adventures - Inca Empire tour in March 2000 in Lima, Peru. The trip included a four day Inca Trail walk to Machu Picchu, several days in Cuzco, a couple in Puno, one on Taquille Island on Lake Titikaka and ended up with the last few days in La Paz, Bolivia.

The trip was the most fantastic adventure I have had so far (I used to lead a relatively quiet life), and I cannot wait to do another trip.

My fellow travellers on this trip included (alphabetically), Angela, Caroline, Diane, Jan, Liz, Pat, Shane, Tanya (our G.A.P trip leader) and Tony. They are a wonderful bunch of people, and my enjoyment of the trip was due in no small part to their friendship and companionship. Thank you all.

I hope the following images, a modest selection from the heaps of photos I took, will be of interest to my companions, as well as others who follow up on my trip.

Click on a photo in the following scrapbook as a starting point to check out the detailed photos in four parts:-

site map

Footnote - Second South America Trip:-

I was so happy with the G.A.P trip as described above, I just had to return to South America for more!!!

Over September to December 2000 I took the following G.A.P trips:-
25 day Southern Cross - Rio to La Paz
6 day Bolivian Amazon
35 day Andean Empire, and
6 day Voyage Galagagos.

See lots of photos on these trips and a little bit more at my Second SA Trip page.


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